Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (1)

Ok so this is something new I'm going to try.  My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. Its pretty much what every girl does when she falls in love with a wonderful male character: starts dreaming about them and how wonderful they would look in their bed.  So lets talk a lil bit about your literary crush (stats, picture of who your dream guy is, and some quotes from him that makes you swoon).  If you participate, don’t forget to head over to please check out the My Book Boyfriend Introduction Page over at Missie's blog The Unread Reader.

This week my book boyfriend is:

Sam Roth from The Wolves of Mercy Falls By Maggie Stiefvater. 

So I have only read the first book, but how can you not be drawn to those yellow eyes. 

What makes you crush hard? Well I have to say having reading his POV and being able to feel how much he is in love with Grace just makes his so swoonworthy!

Who is Sam? Oh you know, your typical summer boy who happens to be a wolf when it gets to cold. He is a wolf in the winter and a human boy in the summer.  In summary he saved Grace from a wolf attack as a child and ever since then they both have been having   longing for each other.  Always watching, never interacting. They have been falling in love for 6 years and for a few amazing months during the winter they have each other. 

What does this dream boy look like? He has that sort of mop-top black hair and interestingly shaped nose that a girl could never get away with.  He looked nothing like a wolf but everything like my wolf. 

Swoon-worthy quotes:

Did you tell that man you went potty on yourself?

I'm trying to make you think I'm a decent person. telling you I saw you naked while I was another species does not help my case.
She laughes.  Ill grand you leniency, since I should’ve pulled the blinds.  There was a long silence filled with a thousand unspoken messages.  I could smll her nervousness, faintly wafting from her skin, and could heart the fast beat of her heat carried though the mattress to my ear.  It would have been so easy for my lips to span the inces between our mouths. 

I wanted her.

"Oh, God, Grace," I gasped. “You—you greatly overestimate my self-control.”

“I’m not looking for self-control.”
My hands were inside her shirt, palms pressed on her back, fingers spread on her sides; I didn’t even remember how they got there. “I—I don’t want to do anything you’ll regret.”
Grace’s back curved against my fingers as if my touch brought her to life. “Then don’t stop.”

Who comes close to being Sam? Josh Hutcherson.  For this book I have a perfect image of Sam.  And for once I didn’t need to search the web to find him.  However, if I had to, Josh comes close. 

So Sam also happens to be the book boyfriend of JoAnne over at The Fairytale Nerd. I enjoy her blog and her pick for Sam is also lovely. So check hers out also.  Spread the Sam love all around.

Who is your Book Boyfriend?


  1. I've been contemplating readint this series. I must say, I so prefer Josh with dark hair!

  2. This is the second time I see a "Sam book boyfriend" and I like Sam every time more. I'll put this book on my to read list :)

  3. Someone else did Sam this week! Idk...maybe It's just me, but I'm not that big of a fan of the series...I did love Sam though...he's a sweetheart...maybe if I do a re-read of Shiver I will like it more?


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