Friday, February 17, 2012

In My Mailbox (14)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme started by The Story Siren. Its purpose is to encourage those lovers of books to share what came their way, by way of wining, begging, borrowing or buying.

Ugh!!!! Ok I now not only have a serious addiction to cheep eBooks but also cheep regular books!!! I went into barns just to look and walked out with an armful of bargin books!!! 

Bought for my Nook/Kindle
Volition by Shawn K. Maravel
Severance by Shawn Maravel
The Wanderer by Shawn Maravel
Sweet Sofie by Elizabeth Reyes
Taking Shots by Toni Aleo
Kingdom Jumper by E.S. Lark

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward
Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton
Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
Split by Swati Avasthi 
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
Bite Me by Christopher Moore

The Peculiars by Maureen McQuerry

What did the postman bring you?


  1. Holy moly Tara! You were busy this week! I have had my eye on Volition and Severance for awhile so I can't wait to see what you think about them. Awesome haul this week darling! Have fun reading them and above all else HAVE FUN on your mini vaca!!
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  2. Ok, so I love anything JR Ward does. I've read them all. Fan of the Moreno Brother's Series. Alex is my favorite. :) Loved Taking Shots! Toni is such a great gal! WANT Graffiti Moon BADLY!!!!!

  3. Loved Graffiti Moon! I also got The Treachery of Beautiful Things. Such a gorgeous cover. Rot & Ruin looks good and I've only read the first BDB book but the series is good so far! Happy Reading!

  4. Oh, I'm so excited to see what you think about The Treachery of Beautiful Things! It looks SO good and I just adore that cover. Great haul!

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