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Top Ten Tuesday (11): Heartbreakers

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Top Ten Books That Broke Your Heart A Little (this year we're going ANTI-Valentine's Day :P )

OMG heartbreakers!!!! There are so many books!! EPP! Is it bad to love this one??? Hehe

by Cassandra Clare 

This is… This book… oh who the hell am I kidding, I cant describe what this book did to me!!! There are no words! Only pieces of my broken heart all over the library!!! I’m still not recovered form this!

This will forever be my reaction to Clockwork Prince

by Lauren Oliver 

This book hit a nerve for me and had me crying through the whole damn thing!!! You don’t think that you will love a mean girl but somehow Lauren was able to not only make you fall in love with her and feel bad for her, but even stain your book with tears! Whenever I need a good cry, I think of this book!!!! Even now I feel a tear coming. 

by J.K. Rowling 

My first tear came with the death of Sirius and after I though I was done shedding tears then came Deathly Hallows and I was up at all hours of the night just crying and screaming WHY WHY WHY!!!!! I’m still a mess, and then the movie came out! I have watched Hallows p. 7.2 about 6 times and I have cried EVERY DAMN TIME! EVERY DAMN TIME!!! I just can’t do it!!! I mean come on!!! This is seriously one of the best books series every written and ugh!!! That’s all I got!! No more words! Only tears! 

by John Gorgan 

When I read this book I didn’t have a dog, but I have always been an animal lover and had a soft spot for dogs. And now having a dog I don’t think I would be able to read this book! I would be to much of a mess, a bigger mess than I was when I read it. I was a wreck for days, DAYS after reading this book. Honestly if you didn’t cry for this one (and even during the movie) then there is something wrong with you!!!! Hehe I LOVE MY PUP!!!! 

That is my Emmett, not wanting to let me finish Clockwork Prince
I think he knew how it ended

by Lauren Oliver 

I was so torn up about this book I still haven’t written my review for it! I just can’t bring myself to go though this again!!! From beginning to end and everything in-between makes this book so hard to read! You feel your heart being pulled in two different directions and just ugh!!!! Can you tell that books make me crazy?!?!?! 

by Brodi Ashton 
OMG!!!!! Talk about writing a masterpiece of HEARTBREAK!!!! I think that this is a new book but y’all need to read this like NOW!!!! I am more of a Cole fan, however Jack just touches that place in your heart that makes it hard to not like him!!! And the ending, OMG! Did not see that one coming! Gah!!!! 

by Jamie McGuire 
This book is just AHHHHHHHH I was all over the place with this one and I mean ahhhh!!!! I still can’t for coherent sentences when it comes to this book! My heart raced, it broke, it skipped beats and was just all over the place!!! You will find your heart screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still saying that with this book, once I get past all the sex noises I tend to make when talking about this book! 

by S.C. Stephens 
Considering I just finished this book, my heartache is fresh! I still feel the sting when I think of what this book brought on. This book painted the beauty of heartache! It was so hard to just feel the pain that everyone was going though! GAH!!!! As infuriating as this book was, it was also touching and gut retching! 

by E.L. James 
The end of this book made me SCREAM!!! I was just going crazy!!!! One of the many emotions you feel with this book is the crazy passion and heartache that these two characters go through! It’s so unbelievable that you can feel such raw emotions with this book (and if you read you know what I mean, I know there is passion and other tingling feelings, but there is also a deep raw connection you feel with them.) ugh! 

by Jessi Kirby 
This book broke my heart for many different reasons! This heartbreak wasn’t over the love interest but for the relationship that the MC and her father have. I really loved this book and I felt that the heartbreak from this one was a breath of fresh air, its heartache new and fulfilling! 

What books broke your heart?

Happy V-Day Everyone!!!!


  1. Lol. This was funny. Love every pic you insert for every book!

    Fara @ Tumbling In Books

  2. I LOVE your .gif's!!

    Oh my gosh - Everneath is absolutely heartbreaking... Although there's hope - since there's a sequel. Right? Right???

    Come see my Top Ten / Teaser Tuesday!

  3. I haven't read Everneath yet! I have it on my to be read pile though and added a few more now too!

    Jamie @ A Book club of one

  4. I love your gifs, especially the Emma Stone and Naya Rivera ones! There are so many books on your list that I want to read, but haven't yet [like The Clockwork Prince]. Pandemonium, Before I Fall and Harry Potter are definitely heartbreaking!

  5. dang it. I completely forgot about Moonglass, which was such a heart tugger. I have yet to read The Clockwork Prince and Pandemonium, but I'm dying to!!
    I loved your gifs and the fact that you used a David Tennant one makes you my favorite person ever right now. :)

  6. Ahh! Sad books! Great list. I agree with some of these and will have to check out the rest!

    ~Nikki (Imaginative Adventure)

    P.S. Love the James Franco animation at the end!

  7. I had Marley & Me as well... I can't wait for Pandemonium! It's one of my most-anticipated books for 2012.


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