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Follow Friday (14)

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What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

This is such a hard questions. Because I want ALL the books I have read turned into a movie or TV show. I would love to see the different interpretations that could come about and hear the amazing words on the page be spoken out loud and given character and emotions. 

But then again, there is a hesitation because you don’t want your books to get ruined from a bad interpretation! 

So to answer the question I'm going to go with my two favorite books from last year, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! 

So first up is Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout!!! Oh man!!! I really want this to be one, I think its original and different but I'm soooooo scared because I LOVE this series so much and have such a perfect image of Daemon and everyone else in my head!!!! 
Oh Dawson!!!!
My dream cast for Obsidian isn't that hard to come up with!! When I read this book, these people just became so clear to me! Daemon and Dawson is DEF Pepe Toth (the sexy model on the cover!) I mean I know that this couple is on a bunch of different covers, but for me they will always be Daemon and Katy!!! And of course my Katy is Sztella Tziotziosz!! She is just stunning and amazing!!!
UGH!!!!!! sooooooooo just wow!!!!!
So for my Dee I immediately though of Ashley Greene because I don’t know it was just perfect. She can do the bubbly and strong sister to daemon and the soft sensitive on for Dawson!!!!

And my Beth (from Shadows) is Lucy Hale!!!! I mean doesn’t she just look so damn cute!?!?! To me Beth is petite and cute, and Lucy just does it for me!

Beautiful Disaster I think would make a wonderful romance movie!! And I would watch it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! As for my dream cast for it, I really have to go with whom Jamie has been putting around!! They really are PERFECT!!!! 

Shepley is Cam Gigandet and American is Brittany Snow who are just PERFECT!!!!! Esp. Brittany! I love her! And I think she can pull off the fierce loyalty to Abby!!!

Abby is of course Lauren Conrad who is perfect!!

My Travis, OMG!!!! Hello!!!!! Now in this photos that is Josh Dugan who is a Rugby player in Aussie who is SOOO HOT!!!
Josh Dugan
But I also love Daniel Conn for Travis!!! I mean hello!!!!!! Another Rugby player!!!

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! This is totally Travis Maddox!!! Thanks Daniel Conn!

He loves a dog and even comes with his own bike!!!!
So there are my picks for this week! 

Tell me what book would you love to see a movie? And whom would you cast?


  1. Oh wow, I think I've had the MOST FUN reading yours, so far! :D Seriously, such a great post with a lot of pretty and awesome books. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    My Follow & Feature!
    H A P P Y R E A D I N G ! ! !

  2. Great posts and man candy! I haven't read Obsidian yet, but it's on my list for this Spring! I love your blog!

    New follower via Linky!

    Here's our FF


  3. oooooh! who is the yummy model for Obsidian?? those eyes!! *-*

    I'm a follower!

  4. You have a nice blog Tara :D

    Im following you on all the apps you have, Could you please follow back :) Thankyou

  5. Haven't read the series but it looks really good!! And the two models have amazing chemistry!!!! I'm a new follwoer! Hop o over if you have the time!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  6. Wow. *drool* Sorry for getting my drool all over your blog but I COULDNT HELP IT! You really shouldn't have put those pictures up if you didn't want someone to get your blog all messy. ;] I have to agree, with ALL of these. Exactly what I pictured for these wonderful characters and the BD cast picks are amazebawls! Gah, if my knees would have been working correctly after my FF they sure as heck wouldn't be working now.
    You can check out my Follow Friday here.
    Dreaming In The Pages

  7. Love your cast for Obsidian. :) I have yet to start reading the series, but I'll, soon. :)
    And Daniel Conn as Travis? Yum~
    I'm an "old" follower.
    Here's my FF:

  8. I haven't read the Lux series yet but it has caught my eye for a while now. You have picked out some swoon worthy attractive people :) It would be a very hot cast hehe

    New Linky Follower
    Leila | The Fiction Pixie

  9. i love your page tara, looks so good i love coming and checking it out all the time


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