Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teaser Tuesday (19): Taking Shots

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can tease others. 

Here’s how: 

  • Step 1: Grab your current read. 
  • Step 2: Open to a random page. 
  • Step 3: Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. Be careful not to include any spoilers so as not to ruin the book for others. 
  • Step 4: Make sure to share the title and the author so other TT participants can add the book to their TBR piles! 
And that’s now you make a successful tease (as far as a book goes). 

By Toni Aleo 
“Come here,” Shea whispered holding out his hand. Elli looked at him, then his hands, before looking back at him. She bit her lip before taking his hand, and he pulled her to him. She looked up at him and he covered her mouth with his, kissing her so deeply that she was convinced he felt it in his soul. His hand went up into her hair as the other one cupped her face. Elli’s hands were at his shoulders as she ate at his mouth. He loved the way she kissed, the way she felt in his hands. Shea moved his hands from her face to her legs, pulling them out from underneath her and laying her back into the couch, where he continued to kiss her lavishly. When he got himself positioned between her legs, she pulled back, eyes half lidded as she looked at him. ~P. 61 (Nook version)
She cuddled into his side with a cute grin on her face. He moved a little, pulling at the crotch of his pants; she looked down, then back up at him.
“Sorry, it’s a little tight in there, babe,” he muttered, which made her blush deep scarlet as she intensely looked at the screen. He had to grin to himself as he readjusted and moved his arm around her, she was so cute. ~P. 61 (Nook verson)

So I know I posted this the other day, but it’s such a good book, I'm doing it again! I spent all weekend with Shea and Elli and was up till the wee hours of the morning unable to put it down! It's so delicious!!!! So I hope you enjoy!!!!! and OMG!!!! Watch me die!!! Ahhhh so I know!! It’s a bit steamy but I love it!!! Hehe and then I have a big ass grin when I see the second ones!! Toni just puts in these little words you havent seen before, esp when referring to tightness in the pants! Oh rawr!!! I love this book and my review will be up soon! This is more of a adult book with mature content, so gotta be 18 to read it!!
What is your tease?


  1. Oh hot muthaaa freakin' daaaaaamn! That was so hot, I'm burning in here! Get me a faaaan, Tara! Whoooo! :) AMAZING TEASERS! Now I wanna read this book. Like. right. now. <333

    I've never heard of it so thank you very much for bringing this book to my attention - seems like i'll enjoy it a whole lot, hahahahah!

  2. You and Autumn have definitely peaked my interest with this book. It sounds HOT! And once again I love your Golden Girls gif! It kills me every time LMAO! Thanks for visiting My TT!

  3. LOL, you Blanche clip cracked me up. Thanks for sharing your teaser and visiting Reading Lark.

    Reading Lark's Teasers

  4. hehehehehe, i agree the blanche gif makes me giggle something serious! hehehe Love the tease! love you!


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