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Top Ten Tuesday (14): Cover Addict

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Top Ten Favorite Covers (feel free to make it as specific or general as you want -- ie: top ten favorite covers of 2012, top ten favorite YA covers, top ten favorite contemporary fiction covers) 
Books coming out that I added because of the cover 

So we all know how amazing covers are! And admit it, we are all guilty of looking at a book because of a cover. I mean lets face it, that’s the first thing that catches our attention. So today I'm going to show you some books coming out this year that I added to my list strictly based on the cover! It’s so amazing that I just have to read it!!!!

The Selection  
by Kiera Cass 
This cover is just so spectacular! I know everyone loves this color and it falls under the dresses I want to have because of books club! And having just gotten an ARC of this book I can tell you all that its even prettier in person!!! I can’t wait to see this finished copy!!! 

The Blind Spot 
by Laura Ellen 
I saw this cover on a blog that I read, and I was so taken back by it I did a double take! It is just stunning for some reason! I love the colors and I also love when the title of a book is in an unusual place. 

Through to You 
by Emily Hainsworth 
My home girl blog sister Shawna from Dreaming in the Pages spotlighted this cover on her Shelf Candy meme recently and I was like OH HOLY COW! It was so amazing and beautiful and I love water photos!!! And I just love this!! Its also got two of my favorite colors ever on it, yellow and teal!!! It’s just so stunning! 

by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Back before I read any of her books I was drawn to this cover!!! I just loved it so much!! I love the hoodie for one, and I need to find out where I can’t get one! And the color contrast of her hair and hoodie is perfect! Ugh! It’s so beautiful and I cant CAN’T wait to have it! 

by Heather Anastasiu 

I don’t know what it is about this cover but I totally love it! It’s so simple and stunning I love the color gradient and it’s just so pretty! 

Such a Rush 
by Jennifer Echols 
I love photography that captures an action shot in moment that is in slow motion. And flipping your hair is just one of those moments I love so much! You think that the moment they captured is like a piece of chaos and you get just a glimpse of what is going on. You capture that moment of calm; that second before something crazy is going to happen. It also makes you wonder is going on outside of that moment. So yes, I love this cover!!! 

by Tara Hudson 
I have seen Hereafter around and was interested, but when I saw the cover for Arise, I was sparked even more! I love this Arise cover! I love how the colors are and its just sooooooooo stunning! And here is another contender for I want the dress from the book cover club! Soooooooo pretty! 

by Josephine Angelini 
I think the award for best color on a cover goes to Dreamlessly! I mean HELLO!!!! I'm just at a loss for words on how to put my thoughts down! The sunset makes me miss home, the ocean makes me want to go to the beach and now I want a pretty flowing purple dress!! And I mean Starcrossed is another beautiful cover but nothing compared to this! 

Sweet Evil 
by Wendy Higgins 
Well first off the dress is to die for! And second HELLO HOTNESS!!! RAWR! Together this cover is gorg!! I love the contrast between the two and the light side and dark side! And his LIPS! Oooo I want to touch them!!! 

by Jennifer Lane 
So I'm a sucker for water photos! And I just love underwater covers! And this one is right up my alley! A newly released cover this is just sooo amazing. Another photograph of a moment caught in time maybe not meant for our eyes! A stolen kiss in a secret place maybe? Mmmm I love covers that spark my train of thought! 

Supernaturally Kissed 
by Stacey Kennedy 

I couldn’t help my self with this one. It’s so damn sexy!!! I couldn’t believe it! I mean like oh rawr!!! Sexy arms and sexy boobies! Hello! I so want to know what these two are up to! Although I a good idea! But damn! I hope that this book is as steamy as the cover!

So, did I make good picks?? How about you?? What are your top covers?


  1. Ooohhh I like Such a Rush, hthe hair flying forward, it gives such a mysterious feel to the book. Now I want to check it out :D

  2. I haven't heard of Selection before and now two of you have mentioned it here on Top Ten Tuesday. I must learn more about it.

  3. Ooo the cover for Arise is so pretty!!

    Ree @ Literary Obsession
    My TTT Post

  4. Through To You looks awesome. It's actually why I first added it to my to-read list on Goodreads. I also really love the cover for Such a Rush, it's so beautiful but still simple.
    Here is my Top Ten:

  5. I love Through to You, The Selection and Such A Rush so, so much! Great list.
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  6. WOW! Those covers are amazing! Every single one of them. And I want to read all of them so bad! Great choices :) And your blog design is really cute! Check out my Top Ten:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  7. Nice covers:) You have a very cute blog design, i must say:)I really like the The Selection cover:)

    Have a nice week:)

  8. Lovely choices. I can't pick a fave.

  9. Ah so many book I havent heard about. My wish lis get bigger every day lol. Love your blog by the way:)

  10. I love the covers you choose! Perhaps you're interested in my list, just look on my blog :D Sweet evil, dreamless, arise & glitch are my favorite from your list!

    ^^ and I'm a new follower.

  11. I love you picks! Though to You and The Selection are gorgeous!
    My Top Ten


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