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Guest Post: Toni Talks Playoff Beards

Toni and Shea himself, with his beautiful
playoff beard!
So I have a special treat for you all today!! We have Toni Aleo, author of the Assassins series, and avid hockey fan here with a really sexy guest post about hockey playoff beards and why guys are hot with them! This just made me giggle so much I needed to share it with everyone! So please, ENJOY!

The playoff beard and why guys with them are hot! 

by Toni Aleo 

That’s Shea Weber. 
That’s the start of his gorgeous playoff beard. 

I don’t know where my lusty needs for beards come from but I have them. My husband has never been able to grow a beard but he has his sexy mustache and I love it. I do. But when playoff season comes around and all my hot hockey players look like woodsy, mountain men, my heart goes into over drive. 

Maybe that’s why the playoffs are the most exciting time ever to me. Maybe it’s the lusty needs in me to see a man skating around with his massive Sasquatch beard, knocking people around and scoring goals. I don’t know. But it’s hot. Before we go into the hotness that is the playoff beard, let’s discuss why my hot hockey boys grow them. 

According to Wikipedia, the tradition started in the 1980s by the New York Islanders. Once in the playoff, the guys don’t shave until their team is eliminated. If they lose a game during their seven game series, some guys are known to trim it up just to see if it changes their luck. It is practiced throughout all the NHL, NCAA, and the minor leagues. It has also spread to the hockey leagues in Europe. Even fans are known to grow their beards out to give their team luck. Great things have come from this tradition, one being the Bread-A-Thon campaign. It has raised over one million dollars for NHL charities. No one knows if it is just superstition or if it really does help the guys win, all that is known, is that everyone grows a beard at the start of the playoffs. 

Now that we have a history, we can discuss the different kinds of beards. Shea Weber is known for his Sasquatch beard. Opponents on the ice are generally scared crapless when Shea comes towards them with his massive beard and scary eyes. I am not scared and I usually run towards him. He is gorgeous without the beard, but with it, it’s pure magic. It makes me want to run up and rub my nose all throughout it! 
Just like Shea, Joe Thornton, from the San Jose Sharks has a Sasquatch kinda beard. It’s fuzzy and big, and I, for one, dig it. Doesn’t it just make you want to run your fingers and nose through it? Or is that just me? 

Todd Bertuzzi, Patrick Sharpe, and Henrick Zetterberg all do the cleaned up kind of beard. I don’t feel they really follow the tradition since they are known to cut and clean up their beards. I like my beard wild and scary but these guys do the beard justice. 

There is also the neck beard. Its weird and I don’t understand it, but Tyler Seaguin from the Boston Bruins is scrumptious with it! 

Then you have the cutie patootie guys, the young bucks, that can’t grow themselves hot beards. So this happens. Jonathan Ericsson is a beautiful man, and I, for one, love that this happens instead of a big scary beard. 

Some of the guys don’t think that the playoff beard is enough. Kevin Klein decided her was going to do a Mohawk too. Funny thing is, he started a trend and now almost all the Nashville Predators have Mohawks. 

While I love the playoff beard, sometimes they can go horribly wrong and this happens. This is when playoff beards are not hot and no matter how much you think it will help you win, please help us little people and shave that mess! 

So really, after reading this, you have to admit, you like guys with beards too. So why don’t you go to your couch, turn on your TV to NBC sports and check out some hot hockey guys with beards. 

Believe me, you won’t regret it. 



  1. Playoff hockey has a great many things going for it and the beard is one of the things you gotta love. Most players can pull them off but I have to admit that there are a few who scare the crap out of me. You have to love the superstitions of hockey players. Lets face it, you just gotta love hockey, and hockey players.:)

  2. I just laughed the entire way through this mess! hahaha. I LOVE it. And Shea just looks mighty freaking SEXY with that beard. Just thought I would point that out :)

  3. Been watching the playoffs and must say some do rock their beards better than others. Wouldn't say I have a fav but would agree they all look more manly, lol. From a new hockey fan, thanks!

  4. Lol! This cracked me up! Yes, I too love me some playoff beards!

  5. This post made me lol. I have to say, most of those beards are hot. And I like the dude w/the neck beard. Also...and I'm afraid to say this here...that last guy, I'll bet w/hair/beard like that he's a fire crotch. Just had to throw that out there. ;-)

  6. LOL I love this post! How funny that there is a whole rhyme and reason behind beards! Thanks for sharing your love of the game with us.

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com


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