Monday, April 16, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (19): New Blogger Tips

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Who doesn’t like to make lists?!?!?! They make life easy! And fun!!!! And its always a never ending topic!!!!

Top Ten Tips For New Book Bloggers 

I don’t know if I'm really qualified to be doing this post since I am a new blogger!!! I have only been doing this for 5 months. So I think that qualifies as new! Hehe but I will do my best!!! 

1. Just write- so when I started blogging I did the typical, googled :how to blog” and I can across one thing that really helped me out and that was just write. Don’t think while you type, just get the words down and edit later. And for me that was so simple!!! Just write! 

2. Be yourself- I cant say this enough!!! I have read a few blogs where I feel like the person is just trying what a robot would say about a book instead of being themselves! I hope that I can come though my words and be loud and clear that this is Tara!! And in all of her crazy ness!!!! All of my favorite blogs are the ones where I feel like I'm sitting in the same room with them! I can hear their voice and read their personality! 

AND DO THE CARLTON!!!!!! Life is better
when you dance!

3. Don’t focus on the numbers- I know it’s hard because we all want more followers, more page views and more comments! But blogging takes time! It wont happen overnight! And I have to say that I would rather have 5 people who love my blog comment and visit, than 500 people who never even look at it. It’s a hard thing to do, but you have to find a way to handle it! in time it will come. 

4. Make sure you love it- if you don’t love what you are doing then don’t waste your time doing a blog. I LOVE what I do. Do I love it all the time, NO. But about 80% of the time I totally love it!! And if you love it others will do!!! 

Ok so I only have 4! I guess that’s kind of cheating (or is it just part of my plan?!?!! Muahaha, like I said, make sure you do your own thing! There is another tip!) Anyways I would love to hear more of your suggestions!!!!


  1. I totally agree with you - I definitely prefer the blogs where you feel like you 'know' the blogger!

    Tara @ Hey, Tara

  2. Aww those are great tips! Ive only been blogging for seven months amd I agree with most pic those. Just one more tip is that socializing is really important. Check new blogs, old blogs, comment on them, make a twitter account and start talking with people and just have fun!

  3. Love this and you are totally qualified to help out newbies! Love your blog and LOVE your Carlton =D

  4. Number 4 is the most important, I think. Good advice :) Feel free to check mine out here

  5. I think so far there was nothing I didn't -in the end- love about blogging. But then, I've only been bookblogging for about a year. Sure I complain a lot when it comes to scheduling 20 posts in a row, but even that is something I love because afterwards it always feels so freaking satisfactory. So I probably agree with the 80 percent thing, though I'd make it 90%.

    Also, there is Carlton.

    Your list is obviously made of Win. :D

    Patricia // My Post

  6. I love your tips. Just Write. Beautifully simple.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  7. Great list Tara!! #1 is really important...sometimes before I start a review I have a moment of panic like, "What the heck am I going to write and where do I start?!" but as soon as I start writing, it usually flows!

  8. I definitely agree with everything you had to say. If you can't enjoy what you are doing then what is the point of doing it. And blogging definitely takes time, you aren't going to go from 1 follower to 1,000 followers over night, but you should never stress this. They will come if you put the time and effort into it. Great tips Tara.

    Cassie @ The Anfractuous Bookaholic

  9. I agree with everything! I always just type what I want to say and later on, I edit everything. Since English is not my native language, it takes more time for me. If I must think about everything I write down, it will take ages for me.. So I just go for it and adjust my mistakes later.

    And being yourself is so important. I have the same thing; I like to follow a blog if I feel like I 'know' the person behind it.


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