Monday, July 23, 2012

Temptations With Tater (36): Inbetween

So this is going to be a new meme here, think Teaser Tuesday on steroids!!!! I saw this over on Nicole’s blog, The Reader's Antidote, her version is called Tempt Me Thursdays. What she does is give a longer passage for a tease and since I pretty much do that ALREADY I figured I would make it official and participate in a new meme. If you still are interested in Teaser Tuesday check out MizB of Should Be Reading. Or if you would like to try this new one LET ME KNOW!!! If we get enough people to participate, maybe I’ll put up a linky or something.

The rules are very similar to TT but amped up.
  • Step 1: Grab your current read (or most recent read)
  • Step 2: Select a page with a tantalizing juicy passage.
  • Step 3: Share a sentence, paragraph or part of the whole page, something that is tempting, tantalizing and will be sure to make the readers want this book bad!
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to tell us what book so we can add it to our list and cheat on our TBR piles.

Now, onto the teasing!

So I hope that everyone will like this new meme here and I hope that my first book will do this justice!!!! I for one just finished this baby and oh holy wow!!!! It’s amazing and I totally love it!!!! And I hope everyone will also!!!!

by Tara Fuller
When he pulled out a pair of jeans and grabbed the waistband of his sweats, I tossed the tube back onto the vanity and held my hand up. “Keep it in its cage, Casanova. And not everyone thinks the library is a waste of time. Some people actually like books.”

Cash rolled his eyes. “I always know there was something wrong with you. Now turn around so I don’t ruin your for other men.” ~ARC p. 146
I want to give you so much more but I shall refrain myself!! This book is just so yummie!!! And its all a bout REAPERS!!! EEP! YES!!!! And the best part about this tease, as sexy and amazing as Cash is, he isn't the only guy!!!!! YEA BABY!!!

So please tell me your tease and if you want maybe next week try Temptations with Tater!

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  1. Eeep! So glad to see Cash get a little love. ;) Thanks for posting a teaser from INBETWEEN Tara! Wonder Tara's unite! Lol. <3

  2. I love it! I just started this book and I love it already! Nice tease!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. I love the idea of the Tempt Me Thursdays!

    I am really excited to read this one and OMG that teaser was awesome! LOL Great pick! :)

    My Teaser Tuesday

  4. EEEP! Really need to get to this one. Been kinda busy - doing what I have no idea. Heehee


  5. OHHH.MY.LORD! Great teaser! I have so got to read this book!

    Magen Corrie
    ~My Teaser


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