Monday, July 30, 2012

Temptations With Tater (37): Empty Net

Does a regular Teaser Tuesday leave you feeling empty? Do you always post a whole paragraph in your teaser and never the one to two sentences as the rules state? Do you every just want to type the whole damn book because it is that amazing? Yeah, me too!! Temptations With Tater is a super charged Teaser Tuesday. Inspired by MizB's (Should Be Reading) Teaser Tuesday and Nicole's (The Reader's Antidote) Tempt Me Thursdays, TWT let's you really, REALLY tease your readers!

The rules are very similar to TT but super charged:
  • Step 1: Grab your current read (or most recent read)
  • Step 2: Select a page with a tantalizing juicy passage.
  • Step 3: Share a sentence, paragraph or part of the whole page, something that is tempting, tantalizing and will be sure to make the readers want this book bad!
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to tell us what book so we can add it to our list and cheat on our TBR piles.
Now, onto the teasing!

by Toni Aleo
Audrey had rocked out to her new Karmin CD the whole way home. When she came inside with bags from the grocery store, she was still rocking out. She didn’t even notice the two large hockey players standing at her island. Seeing them, she let out a girlie scream, and jumped almost six feet in the air.

“Great balls of fire! Sheesh, guys!”

Lucas looked unaffected as he munched on a sandwich, sweat drenched his white tee, and a tool belt hung low on his waist. Tate grinned as he made his way towards her, leaving his (no surprise) cupcake on the counter. He reached for the bags and she rewarded him with a bright smile as she took in his hotness. He wore low riding jeans, with a fitted blue tee. His hair was in a mess, drenched in sweat, and she could see sweat glistening in his beard. Within seconds Audrey was back in her dream, feeling his beard and hands all over her body. 
Drool over that ladies!!! A sexy Lucas all hot and sweaty and our new hottie, Tate the same way!!! Seriously you will need a fan, bucket of ice or freezer on stand by to get through this one!!! 

Anyways, I hope this tease is enough to tied you over!!! Be sure to add this to your ever-growing reading piles, this baby lands Sept. 11th!!! 

Don't forget, I still have my 500 Tots giveaway going on!!! 
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  1. I think I need a spritz to cool off now! LUCAS!!!!!! *dies* Can't wait for this book and can't wait to drool over Tate!

  2. So yea, I think I need to read this book. It sounds yummy! And I loveeee that gif! My TT

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. Haha, that is a drool-worthy teaser!

  4. This guy sounds amazingingly hawt!! :) You wanna share him ;)

    Here's mine!

  5. Very steamy and thanks for the warning to turn the fan on!



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