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Waiting On Wednesday (33): Through To You

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine where you have a chance to let other know what you can’t wait to claim as your own. 

by Emily Hainsworth
Expected publication: October 2nd 2012 by Balzer + Bray

Camden Pike has been grief-stricken since his girlfriend, Viv, died. Viv was the last good thing in his life: helping him rebuild his identity after a career-ending football injury, picking up the pieces when his home life shattered, and healing his pain long after the meds wore off. And now, he’d give anything for one more glimpse of her. But when Cam makes a visit to the site of Viv’s deadly car accident, he sees some kind of apparition. And it isn’t Viv.

The apparition’s name is Nina, and she’s not a ghost. She’s a girl from a parallel world, and in this world, Viv is still alive. Cam can’t believe his wildest dreams have come true. All he can focus on is getting his girlfriend back, no matter the cost. But things are different in this other world: Viv and Cam have both made very different choices, things between them have changed in unexpected ways, and Viv isn’t the same girl he remembers. Nina is keeping some dangerous secrets, too, and the window between the worlds is shrinking every day.

As Cam comes to terms with who this Viv has become and the part Nina played in his parallel story, he’s forced to choose—stay with Viv or let her go—before the window closes between them once and for all. 

Why I need this: Honestly, I needed this because of the cover. It is just STUNNING! Like BAM!! ZING totally got zapped by this cover! And then after reading the synopsis, I'm double ZINGed and totally bamboozled!!! Because this just seems so amazing! And totally different!!! Gah!! And it sparks my interest in the new wanting to read from a guys POV! Seriously can’t wait to read this one (which I may or may have not picked up at ALA, *evil grin*) 

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  1. I agree! The cover and summary makes this book sound AWESOME!

  2. I love the male POV. The cover is awesome. I am so curious about his girlfriend existing in two different worlds and if he will find a way to be with her. Sounds kind of sad too.
    My WOW

  3. Haha. I love your enthusiasm on this book! If it helps, you can request it on Edelweiss now :) Awesome pick! :D

    Drop by WoW?

  4. I hear you! Would totally read this just because of the cover! And it would look mighty fine on my bookshelf, hahaha!

  5. I love the cover of this one too! I think this sounds really good, so I'm going to have to bump it up in my wishlist because I'm dying to read it!

    Books of Amber

  6. LOOOOOL! You reasons for waiting for this book have made me laugh out loud my family thinks I've lost it. Haha! I've been wanting to read this book for a very very long time too! That cover is truly amazing and having this book in a male POV just makes me NEED this book even more! And if you did pick this one up at ALA, I'm uber jealous! I hope you get a chance to read it because I'll be stalking your review ;)

    Jessirae @ Words, Pages, and Books
    My WoW

  7. I've been seeing this around for quite sometime now. This sound really good! The cover is totally gorgeous! can't wait to get my hands on a shiny copy ;)

    My WoW picks

    We Fancy Books

  8. Everything you just said is exactly why I can't wait to read this one! The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis is even better, if it is possible. And you have an ARC?! Awesome! Great pick!
    My W.O.W.

  9. I have an ARC of this from ALA...I might just have to move it up my TBR list. Thanks for stopping by my WOW at YA Sisterhood! (OH...and I LOVE KAIDEN!)

  10. I agree with you, amazing cover!! I'd read it just for that!
    And the summary!!OHMYGOD!
    ha ha :)

    Great Pick!

    My WoW

  11. I have this book to but haven't gotten round to reading it yet! Love the blog I am a new follower on GFC!

    My WOW and international giveaway

  12. This one definitely sounds pretty awesome! I mean, ghosts? How weird! Great pick!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  13. The cover is absolutely amazing and the synopsis is very interesting. I would love to get my hands on this one when it comes out! Great pick.
    Here's my WOW.

  14. YAY!!!!! Great choice! I am looking forward to this one too. I adore the cover and premise! It's too bad the release is so far away! Oh and OMG are you a Hush Hush fan?!?!? I need to read Finale!!!

    Following your blog! Feel free to visit my blog!

  15. Great pick! Through to You looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi! I am a new follower from Waiting on Wednesday. I would love a follow back!



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