Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YA Crush Tournament Team Kaidan Update

So if anyone has been following me on Twitter they know that I have been going crazy with tweets for the YA Sisterhood 2nd Annual YA Crush Tournament!!! I'm so happy to be a part of this experience and have already had so much fun and met some amazing new people!!!

This Tater is your advocate for the one and only KAIDAN ROWE from the Sweet Evil books by Wendy Higgins!!! I couldn’t have gotten a better crush to support! And now I need your help!

So here is the deal! Kaidan is in a tough spot, not everyone know who he is!! I know, a total shocker!! We need to get the message out!!!

Now I am soooooo lucky to have Wendy on board! She is Kaidan’s biggest supporter and is totally amazing!!! Together we will make this the best experience for everyone!

Be sure to mark your calendars for JULY 13th at MIDNIGHT (EST)!!! For 24 hrs we need to BEAT FINNICK!!! That is our first round against Finnick!!! Seriously we are up against Finnick!!! That is one tough guy to beat! Make sure you go to the YA Sisterhood site and VOTE! I will post a link to the page on the day of the vote, frequent it often!!!

So for right now here is what I would love from everyone:
  • Change your twitter, FB, GR or any other AVIE you have to the Team Kaidan button (and seriously, just look at Kai!! He is so hot!!!) Post it on your blog (if you have it) tumbler or just share it anywhere!!!
  • Use the header for FB and anything else!!!
  • Tweet, tweet, tweet and FB your love for Kaidan and rally the troops! Use the hashtags #TeamKaidan #YACrushTourney #BeatFinnick
  • Official TeamKaidan page is on my blog! And will always be updated! Feel free to use any part of it for a post on your own blog or make one of your own!!! We will love you forever!
  • And make sure you tell everyone you know to vote for Kaidan!!! Tell your mom, your dad, sister, brother, dog, cat, bird anything that can click a mouse!!!
  • Also, the post I have to write for Kaidan and would love some help! I could use some help or if there is anything you want to put in there for Kaidan I'm going to write this post when I'm done rereading Sweet Evil, sometime later this week and I have to submit the write up 2 days before our set date, which is July 13. So I would like to have all the stuff gathered by this weekend. If you want to include anything on his Personality, Talents, Special Attributes/Best Qualities, or anything else about him that would be great!
  • Lastly if anyone would like to be my partner in crime please let me know! All you will be doing is helping me with the post and getting the word out! Every one can do it, but it would be nice if someone wanted to be my co-advocate! I have put up a google doc for everyone to fill out if they want to participate!
Please email me with anything else you think of and what not!!! 
Grab the bigger button!
Right click and save the header
Grab the button
tater's Tall Tails

Now for the good stuff!!!
Wendy and I have decided to host a giveaway for Kaidan!!!!
Here is what is up for grabs:
  • 15 singed bookmarks
  • 1 signed copy of Sweet Evil
  • 1 ARC of Sweet Evil
  • Open international 
  • Ends July 14th, 2012
  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must fill out form below
  • 17 winners will be chosen! 15 singed books marks, 1 signed copy of Sweet Evil, 1 ARC of Sweet Evil
  • Winners must have voted for Kaidan in Round 1 (This will be hard to verify but please be honest, we really want Kaidan to win)
Totally fantastic right?!?! I think so!!! And the best news, its INTERNATIONAL!!! Kaidan’s love knows no bounds! Again, we really want Kaidan to do well in this tournament and this is all in good fun, we are requiring the winners to actually VOTE for Kaidan on July 13, I know this will be hard to verify, but please be honest with us when we ask.  
If Kaidan wins the first round this is what we get from Wendy:
She will write a scene from Kaidan’s POV!! Which will be posted here and on her blog! I know you all want to read about that!! I sure do!!! Seriously! It’s so fantastical!!

Remember everyone this is all in good fun!! Lets tell the world about Kaidan!! Spread his bad influence all over!

All right everyone! Keep in touch and remember, TEAM KAIDAN FTW!!!!!

And a special treat from Kaidan!


  1. My favourite part was the hotel scene when you think they were on the verge of doing the nasty and Kaidan stopped RAWR so HOT!

  2. Oh, I think Sylvia is right!!! RAWR!

  3. But i will have to agree with Sylvia that scene was damm hot i wanted more i was at the edge of my seat aaaaahhhhhhhhhh...

  4. LOVE THIS ! I'm totally Team Kaidan !

  5. oh and my favorite moment was in the hotel room...when you THOUGHT something delicious was about to happen...oh yeah. I read that over and over.

  6. I haven't read Sweet Evil so I don't have a favorite scene but I'm dying to read it. I'll be supporting him anyway ;)

  7. My favourite scene is the 'pinkie' scene towards the end of the book. This book is amazing!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't read Sweet Evil yet - but it's sitting on my shelf waiting for me!

  9. I love Kai because he's not the cardboard cut-out YA hunk that seems like he in every other YA book with a romance plot. He's not the side dish, or the wish fulfillment (although he is pretty dreamy). He's a boy, one with a personality, and of course the accent and looks that every Neph who deals in lust needs to have.

    What I'm saying is, he's interesting. He's different. And he's a hot British drummer who has loads of money and probably the prettiest pair of muscly drummer arms. ;)

    1. Lol the whole point of that was, I don't have a favorite moment, really. I just appreciate that everything Kai does seems real.

  10. I liked the part at the end when they had to go to the meeting thing (even though it was completely horrible) because it really showed how much Kai cares.

    But yeah, the hotel scene was pretty spectacular, too. I cannot wait to read more about this guy in the next book. And I'm really, really hoping he'll be on the next cover, too :)

  11. I think for all of us is going to be the hotel room scene! ^^ What else can beat that the sexy scene! (ileana-rafflecopter)

  12. I'd have to agree with Ashtyn! It was so sweet to see the extents of what Kaidan would do to save her. So sweet. That made me love him twenty times more!
    And of course, that hotel scene. *Whew*

  13. I haven't read the book yet to mention a favorite moment/thing.

  14. My favorite moments (besides the hotel scene) are: when he buys Anne the necklace, the trip to the final meeting, that he stood up for her at the meeting, and the time he came to her house after Anne was scared witless by her dad.

    Sweet Evil is one of my favorite books so far this year!

  15. I haven't gotten a chance to read Sweet Evil myself but I've heard about a pinky scene that was quite interesting. ;)

  16. Wow what scene wasn't my favorite? Lol. I think my favorite scene was Kai and Anna in the hotel. Kai stopped but that was definitely a huge moment for him and Anna. Big momentum shift for them.

  17. I havent read the book but I am hoping like hell I win! I tried to put the button on my page but broke my blog. So tabby is coming to rescue me.

  18. I'm currently reading Sweet Evil and ~sighs~
    I'm in! I'll vote for him, though I'm also supporting Tod from the Soul Screamers, so I won't be changing my avi BUT
    ~le dies~

    Hey, new follower hehehe I mean, someone who loves Kaidan is completely on my to-follow list xD
    Good luck!

  19. T_T completely forgot the ~fave scene part on that comment~ but well, since I haven't finished the book yet, so far... Is when he is... um... showing her his favorite sense :D...
    ~oh my... just thinking about that~

  20. I am sooooooo Team Kaidan!!!!! He's the hottest boy in YA literature!
    I think my favo scene was the one in the motel... of course it is, and I think I reread it a few times!:)))

  21. Im part of the majority because the hotel scene was just awesome :). although the scene where we are first introduced to Kaidan rocking out on drums at the concert was also nice

  22. Love this!! I am sooooo team Kai (: This is one of the best books so far this year

  23. the hotel scene was my fav...of course(:

  24. The kiss before the summit and the hotel scene of course :)

  25. Fav scene? Man, this is a tough choice but I think I have to say I liked the scene at the end when Anna looks out the cab and Kai is there with his hands on his head. He sounded so broken.

  26. Team Kaidan all the way! I enjoyed Sweet Evil a lot :D

  27. I just finished reading Sweet Evil about a day ago and OH BOY! Kaidan is HOTT( yes, I just used the double T). The book was really good, I kinda was waiting for more by the end of the book. As fot my favorite part, well this one is really hard because I love the whole BOOK but if I have to pick one is going to be the motel's scene( Come on! We all know thats the one for the win!!) but... but, the pinkie and the kiss scene at the end got my attention too, so did the one at the motel's laundry room( Aha! you forgot about that one didn't you? haha)and the one when Kaidan gave her the neckacle! Anyhow I really really really really (yes, four reallys was necesary...lol) hope he WINS! He got my and my friends vote till the end!!!!!

  28. I haven't read Sweet Evil yet! I know...Horrible, right?! But, I want to! That's why I'm hoping to win a copy! ;)

  29. love sweet evil!!! super excited about the giveaway!!!:)

  30. Favourite scene is when Anna goes to Kaidan's band practice. The way he used the drums did it for me. :)

  31. I haven't read it so I don't have a favorite moment yet :-( Would love to hear about what is up with the limes lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I haven't read it yet! My life has been devoid of this beautiful guy who likes limes! Love this and your twitteers and your blog, I may be #TeamAdam but #TeamKaiden's got my vote on the night!


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