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Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Tara Fuller Stops by With Finn and Easton

Hey everyone and welcome to my stop on the Authors Are Rockstars Tour! I am here today with an AMAZING author and on a super special day also!!! My rockstar is Tara Fuller, author of the books Perigee Moon and Inbetween, book one is the The Kissed By Death Series.

Tara Fuller
Why is Tara my rock star? Well aside from the fact that her Mama named her right, she is such an amazing woman and talented author. And I have it on good authority that she might have reenacted some parts of Risky Business!!! I have loved Tara’s work since reading Perigee Moon earlier this year and any time I feature her books on my blog or feel like I'm going to die if I don't get Cash's story now, she is always around to talk! She might be a rockstar but she is also a great friend! And I love that in my authors! Her interaction with her fans and her incredible characters really makes her stand out from the rest!

I love all of her books and will ALWAYS read what she writes!!! 

Also she recently sent me this 

 I seriously did not put her up to that!!!

Ok well I may tweet Wonder Tara’s Unite every time I talk to her, but really I didn’t maker her do that!! She did it all on her own!! Major rockstar status achieved!

So aside from the fact I'm here to gush about Tara, I have super special treats for everyone!!!! As part of the AARS stop I have the lovely Finn and Easton here for an interview!!

ALSO today is a special day because her book, Inbetween is out!!!

So we have a HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 

As part of that special treat, Entangled is letting me giveaway a copy!! Whoooo hooo!!!! See it’s like you are actually at a rock concert!!! 

So lets get to the show!

Up first I have the sexy boys from the Inbetween Series, Finn and Easton.

Hello boys, thanks for stopping by. I have to say, I'm rather excited to have you both here.

Finn: Anything for you Tara. *winks*
Easton: Don’t you have a girlfriend, Finn? Or do you intend to woo the entire living female population? *rolls eyes* Anyway, nice to be here Tara. 

Tara: Oh boys, you are making me flush. It's lovely to have both of you here.

I'm excited you both took time out of your busy schedules to chat with me, so let’s get started. 
How long have the both of you been around (i.e. when were you born, when did you die, when did you become a reaper)?

Finn: I was born in 1924. Bit the dust in 1942. They made me a reaper right away. It was that or Hell.

Easton: That or Hell? Funny. I didn’t get the choice. Hmmm…it’s been a while for me. I died in the 1600’s. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Tara: Mmm Easton, I see you are going to be a bit modest today…I like that. 
Why did you choose to become a reaper?

Finn: It was that or Hell for us.

Easton: *laughs* It was still Hell for me anyway. *nudges Finn* See Finn, you’re not the only one that knows how to charm the ladies. She likes the strong silent type.

Tara: Hahaha I can tell you two are going to be trouble...of the best kind! And you got me East, I do like the strong silent time. 

Easton, love- How did you get to be the reaper of Hell?

Easton: Let’s just say I’ve never had great people skills. 

Finn: *laughs* That’s an understatement.
Easton: Seriously, could you see me in one of those white boy band jackets those pretty boy Heaven reapers wear? I didn’t think so.

Tara: Haha I, for one, would love to see you in one of those, I love a good man in black, but I think white would be good on your skin tone. 

Easton: Sweetheart, I’d look good in any color. *winks* Wouldn’t I Finn?

Finn: Are you trying to make throw up?

Tara: Haha I'll bet you do!!! And if you are going to puke, please not on me. 

Finn- How did you get to be the reaper of the Inbetween?

Finn: It wasn’t really a choice. It’s just where Balthazar thought I fit best. 

Tara: Fascinating, this Balthazar guy.

Easton: *snorts* Yeah. Fascinating. That’s one word for him. 

Tara: What was it like watching the world grow and change?

Finn: Lonely. 

Easton: God, you are such a pansy.
Finn: What? You don’t think it’s lonely watching the world grow and change while you stay the same? Invisible.
Easton: *shrugs* Maybe. But you don’t hear me saying that shit out loud. 

Tara: Aww boys it can’t be that bad. I for one would love to have been around for some of the greatest moments of are our world. The industrial revolution, the change in the 60’s, the beautiful moments of discovering under the sea. 
Greatest moment in history you witnessed?

Finn: Man walking on the moon for the first time. That one wasn’t something I ever thought I’d see. Remember when you let that poor bastard choke on a chicken bone for like ten minutes so we could watch it on his TV? Balthazar was so pissed.
Easton: *laughs* I had it under control. Besides, you’re right. That was pretty freaking amazing.

Tara: Easton, what is your greatest moment?

Easton: My greatest moment? Hmmm… There are so many to choose from. *laughs* To tell you the truth, and I am really going to regret saying this later, but the day I reaped Finn. He was a good kid. He didn’t really deserve the place he was going. I don’t stick my neck out there for people. Ever. But with him, I couldn’t turn my back on it. So I took him to Balthazar and he got a shot to do something different…and it felt good. A guy like me doesn’t get the chance to save many people. So when it happens, it kind of sticks with you, you know?

Finn: Oh, Easton…I love you too. *makes kissing noises*
Easton: *Punches Finn in the arm.* See. I already regret it.
Tara: Oh East, *swoons* that is so sweet. I can't believe I just told the reaper from hell he was sweet. 

Moment you wish to forget?

Finn: Which one? The day I left for the air force I guess. I left Mama crying in the kitchen. Never saw her again. I’d give anything to change that. Or at least forget it.

Easton: I try not to remember any of them.

Tara: Easton- Has there ever been anybody special in your life? A special lady? *wink wink*

Easton: No way. Never. I never had time for that crap. Besides *waves at Finn* See what girls do? His brain turns to the equivalent of goo when you mention that human girls name. 

Tara: You never wanted someone to come home to at the end of the day?

Easton: Maybe…maybe when I was alive. If I’d gotten the chance. Not now. I don’t have anything to offer anyone anymore. 

Tara: Awww I think you just broke a few hearts...including mine. 
Finn- Can you describe Emma in five words?

Finn: Only five? Sexy as hell-
Easton: Hell isn’t sexy you moron. 
Finn: Will you let me answer a damn question? Anyway. Sexy as hell, smart, kind…Are you sure I can only have five?
Easton: Annnd this is why I don’t mess with girls. I might throw myself in Hell if I ever sounded like you.
Finn: *grins at Easton* You’re just jealous.

Tara: Did you know you are naturally adding blush to your cheeks Finn? I love hearing you talk about her that way. 
Finn- What was it like being a fighter pilot? Did you always want to do it (my grandpa was a pilot, and he loved it!)

Finn: Glad to know I’m in good company! God…there aren’t even words. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it was scary as Hell. But more often than not is was freaking amazing. And it’s what I wanted to do for as far back as I can remember. Dad got me started on planes real young, so I could help dust the crops.

Tara: I don’t know what it is about pilots, but they sure like to start young. My grandpa knew in grade school that’s what he wanted to do. He was a bit of a rebel also and buzzed a few cotton fields in his early times. 

Easton- What did you do before you died?

Easton: At one point I was a blacksmith. Just like my father. But after that…You really don’t want to know. My real life wasn’t far off from what I do now. 

Tara: You, my dear are one mystery. I think you underestimate yourself. Blacksmith you say? I'll bet you were good with your hands *winks*
Tell me something about you that we don’t learn about in the book?

Easton: Besides the fact that a human chick is carrying his balls around in her purse?

Finn: Don’t be an ass. She was talking to me. I swear…I can’t wait till your book comes out. Anyway, I love baseball. I used to play with my brother. And for the record, Emma doesn’t have my...you know, in her…never mind.

Tara: Hahahah…Easton? Anything we can know about you? Other than you like to pick on Finn?

Easton: I…okay, okay. I grew up in Bavaria, Germany. You know, when I had a heart beat and all that. My father died when I was very young. I lived with my two sisters, and my mother of course. There was joy in my life at one point, I’m sure… but after everything that happened, it’s hard to remember that now.

Tara: Germany, really? I have always wanted to go there some day. 
Boys, Describe the perfect day. Who would you be with and what would you do?

Finn: It would great to take Emma flying. I don’t think it could get any better than that.

Tara: Easton? 

Easton: A day off. Even if it was just staring at a brick wall. One day where I didn’t have to venture into the flaming pits of Hell. That would be great. 

Tara: I can think of some more beautiful things to stare at than a brick wall.

If you could have one wish, no questions, what would it be and why?

Finn: To be alive. For a million reasons. But the top reason? Emma.
Easton: *rolls his eyes* Wishful thinking.


Red Vines or Twizlers? I’ve never had either. But I’ll go with Twizlers. The name sounds cool anyway.
Sweet or salty? Hmmm…sweet for sure. 
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
City or Mountain? Mountains 
Beach or River? River
Burger or steak? Damn…these are really cruel question considering I can’t eat anymore. Burger.
Day or night? Day
Brown or Blue eyes? Blue
Blond or brown hair? Blond
Favorite color? Blue
Favorite place? I miss my Dad’s farm. I think that will always be my favorite place. 
Sneakers or Boots? Finn: Sneakers
Easton: *Plops his black combat books onto the table and grins* Boots.

Tara: Easton, do you always let Finn talk?? Care to tell me more? Or do I have to have you back another time?? Cuz you know, I don’t mind spending more time with you.

Easton: Usually. He’ so damn charming and all. Alright, you want an insider secret. Hmm… I know. Girls always want to know if guys where boxers or briefs, right? Seems like I read that somewhere.

Finn: Yeah, probably in your subscription to Cosmo Girl.
Easton: Haha. God, you’re so funny, Finn. Now you’ve ruined my set up. I was about to blow your mind with something incredibly witty, and now you’ll never know what is was. Your loss. Anyway, I wear briefs. And yes, reapers wear underwear too. 

Tara: JACKPOT!!!!! *composes self* I mean, that is one of the best pieces of information I have gotten in a long while. I have to say though, East, I picture you as the comando type. Thanks you East, love. And whenever you want to tell me you incredibly witty opener, let me know! 
Thanks you boys very much for stopping by, I really enjoyed being in the same room with the both of you. I’ll let you go because I know you’ve both got work to do. 

Finn: Thanks for having us Tara. It was fun.

Easton: Yeah, hope to visit again real soon. But I gotta run now. You know, places to go, people to reap. 

I just love those boys even more!!!!

And now for the giveaway!!

Entangled is offering up 1 eBook copy of Inbetween!!

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  • Ends September 12, 2012
  • Must be 13 years or older
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  1. Hahaha great post! I'm excited to see what you think of this book. I've been debating on whether or not I want to read it. Awesome post!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  2. I loved that!!
    Oh, Finn and Easton!!
    Can't help but love those two, especially Easton :)

    Awesome interview!
    *stares at pictures*
    *coughcough* Easton is looking mighty... scrumptious :) And Finn.. mmhhhmmm ha ha

    Magen Corrie

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    Thanks so much for all you do!


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    These two boys were perfect to have together! Easton (my favorite of the two) made me grin throughout.

    I really want to know more about him and his history. He's quite the entertaining bad boy. :)

    It felt much more like a conversation between the three of you than an interview which made it that much more awesome!

    Thank you so, so much for being a part of the tour and hosting an author you clearly adore! And it doesn't hurt that you share the same name. :)

  8. I loved learning about the histories of the characters and what their lives were like before. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and interview!

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    Finn: only five? Sexy as hell
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    know. Girls always want to know if guys where boxers or briefs, right? Seems like I read that somewhere
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