Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cover Redo: The Assassin Series by Toni Aleo

So I have a super special treat for everyone right now. Everyone knows that I love Toni Aleo, she has become more than just an author who’s books I’ve read and loved. She has become a close friend of mine and wonderful companion! I will pretty much do anything for her! So I'm here to share her AMAZING new covers for her previous books!! And ladies, get your fans and freezers ready!!! These are FANTASTIC!!!! Seriously!!! The covers now all match the new Empty Net cover (which I totally love!) 

So up first, Taking Shots
HOW UNBELIEVABLY HOT IS THAT!!!! I mean that is just so sexy!! Heels and skates!!! DAMN!!! I know its like not a good thing to be in sexy heels and on ice but who cares?!?!?!?! UGH! So sexy!!!

Now for my fav sexy hockey player, Lucas and Trying To Score
Its just too hot for words!!!! 

And in case you missed it the first time around, here is the cover for Empty Net, which is still so stunning and amazing!

So please tell me what you think?!?!? Are they amazing? Do they suck?? Was it a good idea to change the cover? Yea tell me!!!! PLEASE! I love talking about covers!!! And these are just HOT DAMN!!! She showed me the mock up for Trying To Score and I had to spend the rest of the day with my head in the freezer because HOLY COW!!!!!!! I mean HELLO LUCAS!!!! (not a fan of the tribal, but I wont fight about that here! He still gets my panties all blow up) 

So Taking Shots and Trying To Score are available now!  
Taking Shots | Amazon | BN
Trying To Score | Amazon | BN
Empty Net is set to release September 11, 2012 (unless Toni gets so impatient she releases it early)
Add them all to your TBR pile because they are AMAZING books!!!


  1. They are gorgeous and sexy!!!! Wow my mouth hung open with drool falling out! Hot damn!!! I will be reading these like this week!!!! :)

  2. I absolutely love them. I really like the cover change idea. I love it when a series match the covers. It's great for advertising purposes as well as makes them show more unity. If they are seen all together on a shelf at a store people are going to be more apt to buy the entire series, versus just one book. Just my opinion.


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