Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updates, Giveaways & Winners, OH MY!

Hey everyone! 

I just want to give you all a quick update on what is going on. As you can see this week I have kind of been not as active. I am having some life issues right now that is taking up some of my time and my blogging is going to take the hit because of it. Don’t worry, I'm still here and still have a whole lot I want to post so I won’t be totally gone, just not as active for a little bit. 

My WOW picks will always go up (cuz they are already scheduled to be posted) but my teasers and reviews will be a bit sporadic. Current blog tours I have singed up for will I will still do. I’ll try to do as much as I can without going totally crazy. 

If you want to interact more with me, just hit me up on twitter (@tarataterbeans)! I always stalk that, for some reason I can never get away. 

Now for some fun stuff!!! 

I sort of had a comment contest going on for August. I didn’t tell anyone because it was a secret contest. Here is the deal, I read every comment that comes my way and there are a few that really made my days and damn if I'm not still chuckling!! I really LOVE comments. It's what keeps me going with this blogging. It's not the page views that keep me going, it’s the comments and interactions I get. This is what I love about blogging the most! All the tweets and comments, it brings me out of my darkness. So I feel like giving back for some of them. 

I have 3 individuals that really stood out with their comments last month! Not just the content, but the frequency in which they commented!! I can't thank you enough for stopping by and making me feel the love!! 

So here are the three comments I loved the most this month 

Fiktshun- My newest and possibly most thoughfull comments of the month. she posted TWO, yes TWO amazing comments that just made me giggle and feel super special!!! Check them out! 

Oh I totally freaking love this interview. Kaidan Rowe, my oh my, he's quite the interviewer. And oh my gosh how tough that must have been to be so close and keep it purely professional. Especially with all the talk of snogging! And he so did not keep things mostly clean. Soft or... Big or... *ahem* yeah... I had not heard that British phrase about taking the mick. I have heard the one that's not quite as YA friendly that means the same thing. I think I'll have to add that phrase to my favorite Britishisms like Bob's your uncle and chuffed. Oh and this I loved - "I feel a bit more worldly now that you've taken my book-snogging innocence, Tara." I am still LOL'ing. This was the last bit of innocence that Kai could have probably claimed! YAY you! :) Okay, lunch break officially over. Back to work! And this was such a perfect way to spend it, stalking your blog. :) Posted on Sweet Evil Blog Tour


Oh this interview was so much fun! Sorry I've been hanging on your site all morning! I started reading the interview but then had to wait until lunch break to finish. These two boys were perfect to have together! Easton (my favorite of the two) made me grin throughout. I really want to know more about him and his history. He's quite the entertaining bad boy. :) It felt much more like a conversation between the three of you than an interview which made it that much more awesome! Thank you so, so much for being a part of the tour and hosting an author you clearly adore! And it doesn't hurt that you share the same name. :) Posted on Authors Are Rockstars with Tara Fuller

These comments just made my heart swell!! Thank you so much Fik!

Megen Corrie- Now my next lady, really makes her presents known on the blog. she had so many comments I cant possibly post them all, but his is one of my favorites!! 
*grabs water* 
*pours it all over myself* 
Dear sweet lord! I, uh, love those pictures!!! 
*re-reads teaser* 
Now, that is one hell of a teaser!! 
Love it all!!! 

Thehehehe, Lady, you RULE!

MåїÐ»-(¯`v´¯)-» - And the last one, thehe I'm still chuckilin!!!!!! 

HOLY FUCKSICLES!!!! I didn't even see this post!! Yes I give you permission to shoot me!!!! Wh--WH--WOW!! That is one fine man candy!! YUM! :D Thanks for sharing this......*fans self* I sooo need this yesterday! :D 

SO! Maida, Magen and Fiksthun the three of you have won signed books!!! Send me a email (taterbeans85 {at} gmail {dot} com) to pick from one of the following reads 

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins 
Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins 
Forgotten by Cat Patrick (super special signature by Jay Asher under his quote on the cover) 

It will be first email first pick!!! 

So just remember my fellow readers, I'm ever watching and anything that impresses me might get you a treat!!! 

Also! I know I finished my followers giveaway last month and I still have the books to send out. I just haven’t gotten to the post office yet. So don’t worry y'all, I haven’t forgotten you! 

That is all everyone, thanks for listening to me rant!! 
Did you honestly think I could make a post without posting something sexy???
Didn't think so!! I have a thing for sexy backs!

I need more people to sign up for my blog tour I am hosting. Empty Net by Toni Aleo is a super special book for me and I would love if everyone would take a moment to see about singing up. You don’t have to review it, I have a bunch of different post for you to choose from to do!!! Please please please! Sign up!! And tell others to!! Go HERE to check out the post!!! 

Don’t forget! 

I have some awesome giveaways going on right now thanks for AMAZING authors and blog tours!! 


  1. That is such a cute idea for a contest! Love it! Magen's comment is hysterical. That is why I heart her lol

  2. *laughs hysterically* I did not just lick my screen...heh heh that picture sure is yummy though ;}

    Tara, you rock my socks!!!! Once again thank you! I love your awesomesauce blog and I love you <33

    @TeresaMaryRose girl! you are awesome, too!!! *hugs*


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