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Tater's Tall Tails Turns ONE! All About The Books

Welcome ladies and gents to the Tater show!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful celebrations going on here. I am having a blast doing this and I can't tell you how much of a blessing you all are!!! Every time I make a post, my twitter blows up and I feel like the Grinch where my heart swells three times its normal size!

Today I continue the celebration by talking about the reason we are all here, THE BOOKS! I have been blessed to be able to read some amazing books over the past year and I don’t know how much better they can get!

So here we go!

Books Read: 76
Number of 5 star books :42
Number of 4 star books: 21
Number of 3 star books: 8
Number of 2 star books: 2
Number of 1 star/0 star books: 1
Longest book read: fifty Shades Freed 551

And here is my Goodreads widget (which is a total life saver because I would be here FOREVER linking all the books I have read)

Tater's Books Read Since Blogging

The Unloved
Losing It
Just for Now
Destroy Me
Down to You
Sweet Evil Extra #2
So Into You
Sweet Evil Extra #1
Dearly, Departed
Gabriel's Inferno
Through the Ever Night
Under the Never Sky
While It Lasts
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Tara's favorite books »

Best Books
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Seriously this like pretty much hands down my favorite book of all time!!!! Anyone that has talked to me knows that I am ALWAYS recommending this book to anyone that will listen and I am so proud that this baby got picked up by a big pub!! I cant stand how amazing this book is!!! For reals I have like 5 copies of this book and preordered my super special hard cover!! I have the original self-pub paperback, the new paperback, the audiobook and again my hard cover coming!! I love Travis, he is my perfect book husband and I just love it!!! Makes me swoon so hard anytime I see this baby.

The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Talk about a total mind blowing experience!!! I love this series so hard and I also cant stand how amazing it is. I know I said that BD was my top book, but really its shares a spot with this series. And honestly the others on this list, I can no pick a favorite book. It’s impossible. This series and characters is so complex and amazing, I just die!!!! I love this series so hard its ridiculous!

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
Anytime someone tells me that they haven’t read this book I pretty much grow another ulcer. Wendy is seriously one of the coolest authors around and this book is just a totally mind fuck (excuse the language but when demons of lust and evilness are involved, I'm sure I have a bit of a leeway with the bad language) Speaking of Lusty demons, lets take a moment to talk about Kaidan. Hey baby!!! Oh lord!! Yea he is pretty much one of the reasons this book is extraordinary spectacular!!!

The Assassin Series by Toni Aleo
Rounding out my most amazing reads are my beloved hockey romance books. Not only is there totally AMAZING hot steamy scenes, but the character in these books are so dynamic and complex and the world is so rich and amazing, I just love these books! That and miss Toni is really one of my newest and most amazing best friends! You need some many alphas to keep you warm on the upcoming cold nights, crack the spines of these books. Mmm man! Totally yummieness!

Books that learned to fly (you all should know what this means!!!!)
Now these books gained their wings while I was reading. I'm not kidding, they literally flew out of my hands while I was reading them!! Ugh all the emotions! I'm still not complete from all of the feelings I experienced from these books!
Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
Taking Shots by Toni Aleo
Best Contemporary
So over the past year I have really found myself LOVING contemporary books. And these are come of my favorite from the past year!

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGurie
This book really started it all. I didn’t know what I was missing in my reading until I read this book, and as Travis says, I’ll never be the same.
Any book by Abbi Glines!!!!!! But especially the Sea Breeze Series
I loved the Vincent Boys series and even the early Sea Breeze books (Breathe and Because of Low) but was BLEWN away by While it Lasts and Just for Now. Once she took of the restriction of YA, she really shined in her books. I always look forward the latest Abbi book and mmmmm lets take a moment and talk about Cage York. I would love to be in a room with him and Travis. Ooooooh a girl can dream!
In Honor by Jessi Kirby
Oh boy. Talk about emotional reads! I love Jessi and her books always touch my heart. I can’t say much about her books because I always feel like crying when I think of her books. They are just amazing.

Books I should have loved but didn’t care for
I just can’t even go here with these books. I know I'm going to get scalded for this but that is what is great about this platform, I am free to hold my own opinion. Both of these just I don’t think they were bad, but they came with extremely high expectations and just didn’t life up to it for me.
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Destroy Me by Tahera Mafi

Wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t for blogging
Blogging has brought me so much, but what it really has brought are books that I would have never been introduced to without it!!! I cant thank everyone enough for their recommendations because I would not be so amazing without some of these reads and I know my life wouldn’t be as amazing!
Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Now I know I would have read her Lux series, because HELLO have you seen that cover?!?! And I admit it, I am a cover whore. If you cover isn’t too good I most likely wont pick up your book. It sucks but that is how I work. And this cover series isn’t that eye catching. So I might have passed up this series if it wasn’t for some of the amazing recommendations form others!
The Vincent Boys Series by Abbi Glines
Remember what I sad, about being a cover whore??? Well it again applies to this series. While the original covers aren’t horrible, there was just something off about them. I might not have ever picked them up. But like I said, without recommendations I wouldn’t have. But I'm so glad I did. Although now that she got picked up by S&S (BIG OL CONGRATS!!!) and the new covers are like WOW I want to take them to bed, I would have gotten to them. but I'm so glad I did before because I love Abbi!!!
So, Tara and I have become quite the pair over this past year. I might have eventually read her books, but I was on the book tour for her first book Perigee Moon (which is totally fucking amazing) so I literally wouldn’t have read it without blogging. But I am so glad, because without that, there would be no Wonder Tara’s and what kind of world would we be in without that amazing duo???

Best book boyfriends
It wouldn't be a Tater best of post without some eye candy!!!
buahahah J/K!!!!!!! But really!!! Here are some of my FAVORITE roll in the hay, break my spin, tickle my fancy book boyfriends!

Cake York, While It Lasts
Uh yea...look at that...uh...pec!!!!
Cake York by While It Lasts by Abbi Glines- Hh lord!!!!!! Now, Cake…I don’t even think ill be able to make coherent thoughts right now because this boy just makes me go crazy!! And OHMYGEE!!!! The thing on his chest! (You got to read to know cuz its naughty and dirty and mmmm so sexy and I don’t think appropriate for me to post here, because I just might hump my computer) man he just took me by surprise and ugh! I love him so!!!
Cash/Nash Davenport 
Cash/Nash Davenport from Down To You by M. Leighton- Oh baby TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um yea, cant stand how sexy these tow are!!! I do find myself leaning towards Cash a bit more but man! Tis so hard! Hehe hard…yum!
Wade Poezny as Kaidan Rowe
Kaidan Rowe from Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins- oh boy. Kaidan…luv, how my life is so much better with you in it!!! If you were around for the YA Crush Tourney you know how much I love Kaidan!!! And the best part, I'm pretty sure kaidan fancy’s me also! Even if it would be for a single romp! Rawr!! Love you baby!
Mateus Verdelho as Lucas Brooks
Lucas Brooks from Trying To Score by Toni Aleo- HI my name is Tara and I am a Lucas Puck Bunny. This boy! Oh lordy!! He is my favorite of the Assassin boys and damn! I think its all the tattoos. I have a thing for boys and tattoos! But Lucas steals my heart every time!

Pepe Toth as Daemon Black
Daemon Black from The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout- oh when his piercing green eyes look at me I just melt to pieces. And then he opens his mouth and I crumble into a puddle!!! This boy! Ugh!!! Make me swoon so hard!
Nicholas Lemons as my
perfect Travis Maddox
Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire- this boy deserves a category all on his own. In fact he really isn’t even a book boyfriend. He is my book husband. I love him and want him all to myself!!! Tattooed, sexy, arrogant, and well off in bed! I think everybody should be like him!!!

Best covers
No explanations needed. these covers are ORGASMIC!!! In fact they have all given me a covergasm many times!

I really could stay here all day and talk about books, but I will leave it there. There have been very few books where I totally hate them and don’t love. I am a very new reader and love discovering all the amazing stories out there.
So tell me, what have been come of your favorite reads over the past year? Do you like the ones on my list?? Let me know if you will be picking any of them up!!!


  1. Teeheehee, oh the throbbing badge, LOL. :) You rock. Thanks for your candid honesty about books.

  2. It is so great to find books through blogging that you would have never read otherwise! Nice book boyfriend eye candy! Really enjoyed that part ;-)

  3. *faints from the overload of epic-ness*

    I am loving this post, not just from the freaking shmexy, hotness overload of smokin' hot book boys *coughdaemoncough* But you have so many amazing books in just this one post! So many I have loved and a few I haven't read, and a few I didn't really enjoy.

    But all in all, wonderful! And I agree, I love this community because you aren't judged or brought down by your own opinion. If you don't like a book, that's fine, everyone has different taste in books, and this community understands that! I love you and all the other wonderful book bloggers and authors out there!!!

    *goes back and stares at all the drop-your-panties sexiness*

    Another purely epic post Tara!!!!! I am loving your celebration so effin' much!!!

    Keep rocking on Tara!!

    Magen Corrie


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