Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tater's Tall Tails Turns ONE! The Blogging Love & Support!


Welcome back to my weeklong celebration for my first blogoversary! I still can’t believe I have been doing this for a whole year! It’s crazy!! And none of it would be possible without the amazing love and support from the great people I have met along the way!

I have been blessed to be able to meet so many AMAZING people along the way. And this is just a short list of everyone that has touched my along the way (not in like a pervy way, although I think some of them might try it one day!)
I...just...love you all!
First up the bloggers
I mean seriously there are WAY to many bloggers for me to name them all because I do love all of the bloggers! But there are quite a few that are near and dear to my heart.

Bloggers that have helped me out and are just beyond superb! And are my blogging BFFs!
So my buddy Autumn and I started blogging literally almost on the same day! And she is like the most amazing woman around! I'm so proud of where her blog has gone because I remember in the early days! I was lucky enough to be her 250th twitter follower and now she is pushing towards 2000 followers! You get it girl!!!!

Now this girl knows a way to my heart through books!!! She is my sister from across the pond and I totally effin love her!!! I actually started to follow her blog through our blog designer (Sweet Dream Designs) and am so damn glad!!! I don’t know what my late night ramblings about books be without her! Seriously I wouldn’t have made it through Onyx alive with out her!

This is my home girl! I love you tab and you have saved my butt many times!! You always make me laugh and I just love having you around!

If you all don’t know Vicky now, get to know her!! She is kick ass and I totally love her!! Again, she was another blogger who started around the same time I did and I just love her!!!

So it’s kinda sad, because Shawna doesn’t really blog much anymore. She just became a momma again and her life is always busy, but she seriously is one of my closest friends! She ones the one that got me to vlog a couple times and I totally miss her amazing blogging!!!

Blogs I love
These are just some of the blogs that I have followed for a very long time. They are great blogs to follow and I feel honored to be in a blogging community with so many amazing individuals!
The Parajunkie (BEST blog for anything how to blog related! Would not have survived without her helpfulness!)
Bloggers I cant believe know who I am! And are awesome! And run kick ass blogs!
Now, this blog is like one of the best blogs around! And when Val started talking to me, I got all star stuck and like OHMYGEE!!! VAL IS LIKE A FRIEND! I still can’t believe that I'm in her blog roll, followed by her on the twitter and befriended her on FB! Makes me all giddy!

I refer to what I said about Val, for what I will say about Giselle! The day I got a tweet from her and her following me I was BLEWN AWAY! I still can’t believe it!! And what was even cooler, I made it into her blogoversary celebration under Blogger BFF’s!!! dies

Fiktshun button by parajunkee
This lady cracks me up!! She is a recent friend from the Authors Are Rockstars tour and I just love her!! She was all shy to try and wanted to talk to me.  I'm all like IT’S RACHEL WANTING TO TALK TO ME!!

My lovely local bloggers who are now my best friends in the whole world!!!
I wouldn’t not be able to survive without the love and support of these ladies. All of these ladies are what made blogging one of the best things ever. I was never the popular girl in school and always had trouble making friends and these ladies are now my friends for life! They have embraced me into this booking world and are the best ladies to get drunk with and talk about books!!!
I really have to send a special shout out to Anna because without her, I never would have been introduced to the other ladies, or Maggie or any author signings around. It was all thanks to my San Jose Sharks shout out earlier in the year and she was all YOU ARE LOCAL?!?! You are awesome! And I instantly made a friend for life! So thank you Anna! I will forever be grateful to you for your kind warm embrace (thehehe that is just funny, and cheesy, but soooo true)

My Girls
My amazing group of reading girls! Without these girls, there would be no blog, there would be no super amazing tater and there would be no super awesome celebration!!! Without these ladies I wouldn’t have had the courage to keep going and to keep doing what I am doing! One day we will all sit around drinking wine discussing hot boys and amazing books together! I love all of my girls and everything I do in this book world is because of you. I love you all like you can’t believe!
Erin  |  Sylvia  |  Adriana  |  Annie  |  Jody  |  Mari  |  Noemi  |  Toni

The Authors
These authors are really some of the greatest authors I have had the pleasure of getting to know while blogging. Honestly. Like I call these ladies my friends!!! How crazy is that!!! (By the way the only acceptable answer is bat shit crazy because I still don’t believe that I can call these ladies my friends!) They are all super amazing and sweet beyond Willy Wonkas wildest dreams. They are so supportive and unbelievably humble and kind! Their books blow me away and like I said, I get to call these ladies my friends!

I love you Toni Aleo!!!!
Now this name has come up a couple times but I have to give her a bit more special light. This woman, I swear is a sister from another mister! I'm talking about miss Toni Aleo. That is right, hockey romance extraordinaire, Toni fricking puck me with a hot hockey player Aleo! I cannot say enough about how much Toni has changed my life and been supportive and just one of the greatest friends around. She lets me read her books and tell her “you know you gotta make em have sex on the wall right?” and she encourages me to keep going with blogging and writing. I love you Toni, with my entire book loving heart!

So this lady right here…is the best bookseller in the world! Maggie has done nothing but be amazing and giving! She seriously not only does the most amazing author events around, but she also supports all the little people! She loves bloggers (and their friends) and just rocks my socks off!!

My favorite twitter people
So these ladies may or may not be bloggers. But they are the BEST people to follow on twitter! Anytime I am on or tweet something, they RT it for me or they will spend hours talking to me and just being silly!!! So I love you all!
Pavan  |  Iris  |  Alba  |  Teresa  |  Magen

There are so many more people that I have met along the way and continue to met and I can’t tell you how much you all have made me feel. Like on yesterdays post I got a comment that sent me into tears. Seriously! Like I started to bawl happy tears. I was so taken back by what Magen said and it truly touched my heart!

You all make me just as happy!!!
Tater, I need to buy adult diapers now 'cause I laughed so freaking head from this blog post!!
Can I just say that I love you!!! I love your blog, your humor and those damn shmexy pictures you always post that make me wanna lick my computer screen!

I'm always leaving your blog with the biggest smile on my face, my tummy usually hurts from laughing so much, and I'm put in an awesome mood!

I feel like I can be my book crazed self on your blog. (let's just be honest, I'm just crazy) I know I would absolutely love to hang out with you, talk books and especially hot fictional guys!!!

I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon your blog, because you are one of the reasons why I became a blogger and why I stick to it!

Also I, like, totally freaked out when you mentioned me!! I started screaming, jumping up and down, got some funny looks, and then continued to freak out! I also proceeded to show everyone that I do indeed have friends and that I'm pretty fly. I also loved that gif, Oh Dean Winchester!!!

Tara, you rock my socks!!! So on your blogoversary, I wanna say, Thank you!!! Thank you for being you! You crazy girl!

Let the celebration begin!!

Ps. *licks picture of Kai* OOOooooo I'd have so much fun with him and some whipped cream *evil smirt* Shhhh, don't tell anyone *throws head back and laughs*

Keep on rocking Tara!!
Magen Corrie
~Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

And that comment is what keeps me going. On days I feel like giving up, or times when I don’t feel I have truly lived up to the Tater reputation or I don’t feel like I'm giving you 100%, I get a comment like that and I push past it. You all have given me such a great gift to be able to speak my mind about how I feel and about what I love. You have embraced me with open arms into this blogging world and I am forever grateful that at least one other person loves my blog as much as I do.

So I'm going to stop my acceptance speech now because the music is playing me off. I just can’t thank you all enough!! I know that I have missed a lot of people and I just want you to know I think of you all!! Everyone that has left a comment, RT a tweet, sent me a shot out, liked a post or even just read what I wrote. I wish I could take everyone out to dinner and have some drinks and just tell you all how much you mean to me. But for now, you will just have to deal with my crazy GIFs to show my love for you all!!!

Lastly here are some of what you all have told me about my blog and me! I know I'm super selfish and self centered for asking everyone to tell me why you love me but I want to know so I can keep doing what you love!

Julie: You are as cool as your blog as in person :) it was great to met you

Siiri: Tara!! Happy Belated Blogoversary! You freaking rock, girl! Couldn't be more amazed by how awesome your blog is <3 Congrats!

Magen: You post some very smexy pictures...... And you're funny and awesome!! :D

Teresa: Because you are snarky, lovable, and post pictures of pretty guys a lot hehe :)

Iris: You know how to entertain bloggers, you make great recommendations, and you are so funny. :) <3

Barbie: I should start by saying that I really wish Tara lived closer to me, b/c I know that she would be an absolute ball to hang out with !! I love Tara because she is completely uncensored and unfiltered. She will make you laugh out loud with the things she says, and is NEVER apologetic for them. Nor should she be. (if she was, she wouldn’t be our TARA!) Tara is always willing to help her friends whenever she can and I appreciate her for it. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve had the absolute pleasure to meet via facebook. I love our little book lovers group of friends (you know who you are) and have been blessed to have Tara among them.
Speaking of book lovers, that leads me to Tara’s blog : Tater’s Tall Tales. *smiles big* I don’t think that I have ever read a review on her blog that didn’t make me smile or laugh. She puts her heart into what she does, and her passion for books, reviews and her followers shows every time. She will review anything from big name publishing house books, to Indie Authors, giving us the chance to shine as well.

So a HUGE thanks to everyone I have met and continue to met because of of blogging!! I love you all and you are what keeps me going!
Make sure you check out Monday's post where all the giveaways live!!

Tomorrow: it's all about books!!! The fun part where im going to gush about amazing books!!!


  1. Ohhh I love this post! Congrats on the blogoversary and cheers to many more *clinks glass*

  2. You are the sweetest! I ditto your comments. You are amazing and I'm so glad we latched on to each other early on. Can't believe it's been a year. HOLY FUCK! Congrats baby cakes!!!

  3. I’m flailing about after reading that!!(Don’t worry, no breakable objects were near) Tara!! My face hurts so flippin’ much from smiling!!! I just wanna give you the world’s best hug!!! You just… I have no words to tell you how awesome you are and how much you make me feel loved!

    This blog post was amazing, not just because I was totally mentioned, but because so many great book bloggers and fan-freaking-tastic authors were mentioned. This post shows that if you love something and you stick to it, great things will come from it. And they have for you Tara! I’m so happy for you!!!!

    *wipes away tears* I’m just going to sit here, smiling like an idiot and reread that post!!!
    Okay... I'm actually just gonna stare at that shmexy picture…. Those abs… *wiggles eyebrows*

    Now, let’s eat some cake, drink, talk books and hot guys!!

    You rock my socks girl!!
    Magen Corrie

  4. ah I am glad to have met you at NYMBC with all the authors and seriously you are fun like your blog :) Congrats

  5. Awe I just wanted to tell you that I love you so very much my gorgeous and amazing Tara <3 <3 <3 <3 this year has been totally amazing and one day we will get together (Vegas no doubt lol) and talk to our hearts content about books, men, books, men, books and men RAWR LOL ... congratulations on an awesome journey Tara mwah mwah mwah...I love you like a fat kid loves cake (lol I am that fat kid) hehe mwah

  6. Dude you are totally BFF worthy! Thanks for the mention, love muffin! I'm so happy I got to know you! MUAH!

    Oh and happy blogoversary! :D

  7. GET.OUT!!!!
    -drops dead-
    My name is like RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!
    I think am going to be sick... or something...this moths, yes moths, inside my stomach aren't for nothing!!!
    Enough of me...
    You are one of the funniest bloggers out here and I consider myself extremely lucky that I got to know you thanks to the AAR blog tour!!
    Thanks thank you, gracias!!!
    I loooove stalking you on twitter <3<3<3 seriously... it IS creepy... but hey... an international girl has got to do what an international girl has got to do....
    Love yaaaaaaaa
    And I hate you for living near MINDY & JAIME!!!
    As if I needed more reasons to green-envy you!! <3<3<3<3
    Now let me get back to my freak out phase in which I go into shock and bawl<3<3<3

  8. Happy blogoversary babe!! So excited for you and your 'baby', she's growing up so fast!! LOL You know you're my quirky, goofy, smutty twin from across the states, and we are all so going to blow the socks off Vegas one day!! =) Love ya to bits, sugar!! Mwah!

  9. Congrats, Tara! I can only hope to be where you are when my 1 year rolls around (coming up fast, I must say). It's so great that you have so many people supporting you and helping you out!

  10. Happy blogoversary!!! Love your blog and all it's quirkiness! Now I'm off to drink a toast, or two to you! LOL!

  11. DUDE! I love you and I love our early morning (for me) late night (for you) chats <3

  12. i love this post more than Shea Weber! AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT!!!! I freaking love you boo boo, you my boo!! :)

  13. Happy Blogoversary!!! Thanks so much for the mention! I can't believe it's already been a year. That seriously just flew by. I barely realized it until all my bloggin buddies hit their year as well. Love the gifs! As always they make me smile! I especially love the pic with the teary cartoon touching the abs! LOL Thanks for always giving me a good laughing! :-D


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