Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tater's Tall Tails Turns One!!!!

WHAT! Wait a minute. Did I just post this? My baby is 1 today!! 

I SOOOOOO can't believe it!!! I can’t believe it so much that I am completely unprepared to celebrate properly!!!! I recently moved and my life has just gotten totally crazy that I totally don’t any anything prepared for you all!!! I feel so bad!! But don’t fret!!! Here is my plan 

1. Beg for your forgiveness 
2. Set up a plan to celebrate ALL NEXT WEEK!!!! 
3. Make my prizes totally awesome (once I unpack them) 
4. Get everyone involved to see what you want!!! 
5. Party like is 1999!!!!! Oops sorry, that was just me having a flash back moment! 

So I'm going to start my plan right now with phase 1 and beg for your forgiveness! I am so sorry as of late that I haven’t been around very much and been able to deliver you all an amazing blog. Life is just getting in the way and I actually think I should have stepped back and taken a small break but I'm stubborn and was determined not to! But I actually wrote a review last night and remembered why I loved doing this so much. so never fear I will get back to giving you all what you come to love from me, a totally awesome tater world!!! 

So here is kind of what I am planning for next week. 

On Monday I'm am doing to be totally self-centered and make it all about me!! Well the blog really. I’ll give you all the deets as to how I started blogging, what has happened in the year I have been blogging, some of my favorite books and not so favorite. Amazing stats and totally epic landmarks! 

On Tuesday I'm going to spread the love to everyone else and talk about some of the blogs I love, the people that have helped me out to no end. 

On Wednesday THE BOOKS!!!!! I don’t know what I’ll do yet with this but its going to be all about books!!! 

On Thursday its all about the authors I love!!!! I am hoping to get some of these authors to write up a little thing and I am off to twitter right now to beg them to love me!!! 

On Friday a wrap up!!! I don’t know honestly what I'm going to do. But that’s why you all love me, I just wing it!! 

So again right now I want to thank EVERYONE for hearing me rant and continuing to stick with me!! This past year has been so crazy and everything and I love you all!!! So I look forward celebrating next week with all of you!!! 


  1. Tara-I adore you! I also love that we started our blogs on practically the same fucking day! xxoo

  2. Woo hoo! Happy blogoversary to you!

  3. Happy Blogoversary ( i hope you will remember your international followers too^^)

  4. Eep, happy one year girl! :) I can't wait to celebrate with you next week! <3

  5. Happy Blogoversary Tara!!!! I love this site and come by often! WOOHOO!!!!!!

  6. HAPPY FLIPPIN' BLOGOVERSARY!!! :D I'm a little late to this post but I am so happy for you!! Can't wait to celebrate it! You are awesome, as if you didn't know :) You have some amazing stuff planned, which I am looking forward to!!

    Now excuse me while I stare at Kaidan *drools*

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

  7. *happy dance* One of my fave blogger chicks is turning one! You're a big girl now! :) LOVE the Kaidan luv, btw. Rawr.

  8. Happy Blogoversary! *throws confetti* and don't feel bad mine passed without me even noticing it as well lol I've just been so busy with other things. But it is always great to look back and celebrate!


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