Friday, February 15, 2013

More Updates From The Tater

Hey everyone!
Again I am having to write a post about where I have been. I am sorry to keep posting these but I just love you all so much and don't want to just leave you all high and dry. This update though is kinda totally fabulous...
THE TATER GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That is right....I have joined the working force!!

And the best part of it is...
Thats right, after almost 18 long months of applying and getting rejected I finally got a nursing job. I am over the moon excited and best of all...I love where I work!! I have started orientation this week and I have to say I was not prepared! I forgot how exhausting it makes me. My body is still adjusting to the longer hours and physical demands of the job, but I LOVE IT!!
It's real!!!!!

Aside from the wonderful nursing job I got I am also...drum roll please...

The newest member of the Spender Hill Press Family. 

Just call me Tater, Associate Publicist!!!
Amazing things are finally coming my way and I am super happy!! But that also means that I haven't had much time to blog and even read! I will try to keep this updated more often but it will be sporadic Again I always say follow me on Twitter and Goodreads (but please answer the question because I don't just add anyone to my Goodreads) to keep up to date with me. I am on the twitter more often. I still have some blog tours and things I committed to that I will kept, but mostly likely will not take on anything else. I do love you all and hope you dont leave me! Once I get more settled and adjusted I might be able to get back to more blogging but for right now it will be just a bit sporadic. 

As always I will leave you with some smexy eye candy to tide you over!!
This might be too much sexy...what do y'all think???

And again I love you all!!

Tara, RN
Spencer Hill Press Associate Publicist
(EEEP!!! I get to use these after my name!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!)


  1. Congratz to you babe! Well deserved. And thanks for the candy!!! :D

  2. Congrats... and just the right amount of sexy!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! Love the use of that Supernatural gif. So perfect! :D

  4. HEY TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, when I saw that yummy picture, I took my computer and I am now hiding in my closet, laughing and petting my screen, in the dark, in my closet.. Tara, do I need help???

    But damn that picture, oh mom-ma!!!

    Now, Tara, I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Yous got a job!! You gots a job!!! I'm so happy for you!! *grabs margaritas, and chocolate* Let's celebrate!!

    Also, I'm very VERY jealous of you. Ms. Spencer Hill Associate Publicist!! That's really flippin' awesome!! (you are going to have to message me, so you can help me do that fyi) *stare at you puppy dog eyes*

    Now, it sounds like you have just have a great couple of weeks, and I am so happy for you! I really am! You so deserve to be happy!!

    I will totally be stalking you on twitter *wink wink*

    And on an important note, Where the hell did you find that fine hunk of a male??? mhmmhm
    I'm going to be staring at it for awhile, dear lord!!!!!

    Tara, you rock my socks! And congrats on all that awesome!!!

    LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!!!!

    *tackle hugs*

    Magen out!

  5. OH EMM GEE Tara this is fantastic news! Like I am so so so excited for you! Ahhh just so so excited! and Oh lordie that picture at the bottom *dies*

  6. Congrats Tara! Nurses are so important! I know from experience! I was hospitalized for 5 months, and there was one particular nurse that helped me to keep my sanity, and I will never forget her. Also, congrats on your job with Spencer Hill Press. What kinds of things do you do as an associate publicist?


    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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