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About Me

Me (far right) and my two best friend in the whole worldMarsBar (left) and JuJuBeans (center) 
My Name is Tara and I'm a new book lover from the California Bay Area. I'm a Registered Nurse who has a lot of free time at the moment. I love a good story that can take me away and bring me into a new world, whether its through words on a page or actors on a screen. I enjoy any good story but find myself addicted to young adult. When my hands are busy with a book I like to keep they occupied with quilting or kitting (although the kitting has taken a back seat to my quilting as of late). And all of my activities are only possible after my lil monster is sleeping (I'm taking about my pooch Emmett). I love my family, freidns and any other book lover! I'm alwasy down to meet new people!
Feel free to contact me in the poison of your choosing!



  1. I am thinking.... I like the design a lot. :)

  2. awsome blog!! im also a fellow bay area californian! :)


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