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UPDATE 7/14/12
I'm sorry to report that Kaidan lost to Finnick. I know sad face! But we are still winners because we got over 1200 votes which is great and I have had a lot of people tell me that my post changed their vote (WIN) and they have either bought the book, moved it up their TBR pile or started to read it because of this!!! Thank you again for everything and I'm picking winners soon!!! Now lets throw our support behind the other AMAZING boys, TeamKaidan will officially be supporting Jenneifer L. Armentrouts boys, Daemon and Aiden! Wendy is a HUGE JLA fan so lets get thoes boys to win!!!

UPDATE 7/13/12
IT'S TIME EVERYONE!! As you know I am your official Team Kaidan advocate for the second annual YA Sisterhood Crush Tournament!!! I'm so excited that it's voting time!! Here is his OFFICIAL  defense post! And remember all the great updates on the official page!! PLEASE GO VOTE FOR KAIDAN!!!


Captain Tara here, your acting advocate for Kaidan Rowe, along with Shreya and Gianna, my second and third in command in the Kaidan Army, Infantry Division, part of the Tater’s Tall Tails troop. We are here today under orders from Pharzuph, the Duke of Lust, to increase awareness about his son Kaidan Rowe.  He wants us to help Kaidan in this YA Crush Tournament that is going on under the command of the YA Sisterhood Troop. His orders are to inform everyone about the Seven Deadly Reasons to Love Kaidan Rowe and encourage the masses to VOTE for him to be the ultimate crush in the tournament. We hope to give you all the information you need to vote for Kaidan! We wouldn’t want him to get in trouble with his daddy or the other Dukes for not properly influencing the masses!

Now Kaidan is the unbelievably sexy main man from Wendy Higgins’s book Sweet Evil. Kaidan is a unique individual, although he is the son of the Duke of Lust, he in fact exhibits traits from all seven of the deadly sins. Kaidan Rowe is your typical gift from the gods: brown hair cut short on the sides and back, but longer on top, angling across the forehead. His eyes were a gorgeous color of tropical honeymoon waters, ringed in dark sapphire and enclosed by thick lashes. And he is smokin’ hot. As in H-O-T-T hot. Kaidan is extra-T worthy.

Now here are Seven Deadly Reasons To Love Kaidan Rowe:

1: Envy: Kaidan has been known to make the male population quite envious and jealous. Aside from his good looks, he has incredible talent.  According to our field agent, Private Jay, Kaidan Rowe has been described as: “…a killer musician, he gets tons of chicks, his dad’s loaded, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got a friggin’ English accent!” p. 15

2. Gluttony: Kaidan has shown to make this rather unattractive sin, quite attractive. Know to be a disgusting sin; Kaidan has turned gluttony into quite a spectacle.  I believe he uses his lustful nature to influence others on this.
“He picked up a green pear from his plate and bit into lit, licking juice that dripped down his thumb.” p. 180

3. Wrath: Although Kaidan is the epitome of calm, silent and cool, there are times where the Duke of Wrath, Alocer, causes Kaidan to lash out. According to our information, one of Kaidan’s more recent admire, recalled a moment on their journey displaying Kaidan’s loss of control:
“With the swipe of an angry arm, Kaidan had sent a glass lamp flying off the dresser, where it bashed against the wall. He pointed at me, eyes blazing.” p.177

4. Pride: Being incredibly good looking and charming has its determents. Kaidan is often under influence of Rahab, the Duke of Pride. Kaidan has been known to use his bedroom eyes on unsuspecting victims and does not hid the fact that he sleeps in the buff. His pridefullness has gotten him the description of hotheaded, egocentric male slut by some local populations. But his pride has also interfered with his work: “Hum, moved too quickly. Rookie mistake.” But he is always quick to recover“But I can see you still want me.” p. 137

5. Sloth: Kaidan and his experience have been known to cause women to become quite lazy and unable to move under his expert touch. Many women describe a certain, cessation after their romp with Kaidan. Our incredible informant was kind enough to share a moment of her experience of the lazy, satisfying experience with Kaidan: With an expert movement, his stealthy hands went up to the back of my shirt, past the uncomfortable bra clasp that dug into my skin, fingers tracing my shoulder blades. The tense muscles spasmed weakly, then turned to Jell-O under his touch. p. 135

6. Greed: Not one of Kaidan’s better qualities or favorite sins, he isn’t known to show others his needs and wants. But there is one female in particular that causes Kaidan to feel a bit…possessive and needy. When Kaidan wants a girl, he wants it all…but his way. Just ask Kope for those stories. We have never seen him be as possessive as he is with his Luv, Ann…
“Just me, luv,” he said, close to my ear. “Aren’t you the picture of domestication? Do you cook as well?” p. 233
His voice lowered to sexy, dangerous depths. “I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body.” p. 347

7. Lust: Kaidan, being the son of the Duke of Lust, has no problem with this sin.  We have had multiple reports from the female officers about how good and lustful Kaidan can be.  But one striking encounter happened with Kaidan’s off the books assignment, in a hotel room outside of LA one afternoon.
We met halfway. His lips were as hot as his eyes, sending a shock way through me. His tender mouth opened mine and I could sense the red of passion, like silk, circling us, pulling us closer. I was aware of a halfhearted battle within me, but I clambered nearer, pushing the notebook and papers to the floor.
His lips broke away from mine and moved greedily down my neck. A moan escaped me at the feel of his hot breath on my skin, and it was all the encouragement he needed. p. 236

Now we have been instructed under the General of the Kaidan Army to talk about his secret weapon: his tender moments, where his lust moves to love. Kaidan doesn’t like the world to know what is under his badge.  But under all of his bedroom eyes, sexy tussled hair and tanned skin, there is a man with true heart. He has the ability not only to make you swoon over his good looks and talented hands, but his tender moments will touch your heart and you will forever be his.  
 “Which was your favorite place?” I asked.
“I’ve never been terribly attached to anyplace. I guess is would have to be … here.”
I stopped mid-chew and examined his face. he wouldn’t look at me. He was clenching his jaw, tense. Was he serious or was he teasing me? I swallowed my bite.
“The Texas panhandle?” I asked.
“No.” he seemed to choose each word with deliberate care. “I mean here in this car. With you.”~ 153

Kaidan also knows how to truly love a woman. He might see it as his job or just par for the course but any woman loves a man that knows what he is doing. 
I can feel out someone within five minutes of conversation to know what I would have to say and do to lure her into bed.
I know secrets of the human body most people don’t even know about themselves. p. 158

And out last shining quality about Kaidan and a reason for you to vote for him is 
Kaidan finds something attractive about everybody. EVERYBODY! That means he thinks there's something very sexy about each and every person, and he never thinks of anyone as "ugly."  There are days where he is just staring at people, noticing all the little ways they are attractive.
…I felt his hand around my wrist, spinning me in a half circle and pulling me to his chest. His face was so close. He reached down and cupped my face with one woolly hand, and wiped the top corner of my lip hard with his thumb. I flinched back.
“What are you doing?”
“I…” he appeared to have no idea himself. “I wanted to see your freckle.”
A vulnerable tenderness flashed across his face, more painful to see than the coldness.  …
“What do you want from me Kai,”
“For starts,” his voice lowered to sexy dangerous depths. “I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body.”

Now that we have given you all the information you need, we hope that you in fact will help spread Kaidan’s influence further by voting for him!! Remember we are under direct orders from The General of the Kaidan Army, Wendy as well as Pharzuph to ensure that we influence everyone we can!

UPDATE 7/7/12
Hey all my Team Kaidan lovers out there!!! 
Team Kaidan is already going strong!!! I keep having people tweet me that they are moving Sweet Evil up their TBR list and that they read it because of all this crazy ness!! Seriously even if Kaidan doesn't win, we have already won by introducing more people to an amazing book and a wonderful author!! BUT KAIDAN WILL WIN!!! (At least round 1)
And to help with that, here are some AMAZING buttons and goodies! Some I have made and some others have!!

Buttons made by me:

Team Kaidan

Team Kaidan



These were made by Gianna, a FIERCE solider on the Kaidan Army

Team Kaidan

Team Kaidan

Team Kaidan

Team Kaidan

And a lovely, succulant one from Mindy!
So if you have any other Team Kaidan motivation, please send it my way and I will for sure put it up!!! Please take these photos and love them! Just give credit where credit is due!
Speaking of credit... I know everyone wants to know who he is and the models name is Wade Poezyn!!! Totally perfect!!! 

Don't forget all the amazing incentives to help Kaidan win! Wendy is amazing and totally on board!! 
UPDATE 7/3/12

So if anyone has been following me on Twitter they know that I have been going crazy with tweets for the YA Sisterhood 2nd Annual YA Crush Tournament!!! I'm so happy to be a part of this experience and have already had so much fun and met some amazing new people!!!

This Tater is your advocate for the one and only KAIDAN ROWE from the Sweet Evil books by Wendy Higgins!!! I couldn’t have gotten a better crush to support! And now I need your help!

So here is the deal! Kaidan is in a tough spot, not everyone know who he is!! I know, a total shocker!! We need to get the message out!!!

Now I am soooooo lucky to have Wendy on board! She is Kaidan’s biggest supporter and is totally amazing!!! Together we will make this the best experience for everyone!

Be sure to mark your calendars for JULY 13th at MIDNIGHT (EST)!!! For 24 hrs we need to BEAT FINNICK!!! That is our first round against Finnick!!! Seriously we are up against Finnick!!! That is one tough guy to beat! Make sure you go to the YA Sisterhood site and VOTE! I will post a link to the page on the day of the vote, frequent it often!!!

So for right now here is what I would love from everyone:
  • Change your twitter, FB, GR or any other AVIE you have to the Team Kaidan button (and seriously, just look at Kai!! He is so hot!!!) Post it on your blog (if you have it) tumbler or just share it anywhere!!!
  • Use the header for FB and anything else!!!
  • Tweet, tweet, tweet and FB your love for Kaidan and rally the troops! Use the hashtags #TeamKaidan #YACrushTourney #BeatFinnick
  • Official TeamKaidan page is on my blog! And will always be updated! Feel free to use any part of it for a post on your own blog or make one of your own!!! We will love you forever!
  • And make sure you tell everyone you know to vote for Kaidan!!! Tell your mom, your dad, sister, brother, dog, cat, bird anything that can click a mouse!!!
  • Also, the post I have to write for Kaidan and would love some help! I could use some help or if there is anything you want to put in there for Kaidan I'm going to write this post when I'm done rereading Sweet Evil, sometime later this week and I have to submit the write up 2 days before our set date, which is July 13. So I would like to have all the stuff gathered by this weekend. If you want to include anything on his Personality, Talents, Special Attributes/Best Qualities, or anything else about him that would be great!
  • Lastly if anyone would like to be my partner in crime please let me know! All you will be doing is helping me with the post and getting the word out! Every one can do it, but it would be nice if someone wanted to be my co-advocate! I have put up a google doc for everyone to fill out if they want to participate!
Please email me with anything else you think of and what not!!! 
Grab the bigger button!
Right click and save the header
Grab the button
tater's Tall Tails

Now for the good stuff!!!
Wendy and I have decided to host a giveaway for Kaidan!!!!
Here is what is up for grabs:
  • 15 singed bookmarks
  • 1 signed copy of Sweet Evil
  • 1 ARC of Sweet Evil
  • Open international 
  • Ends July 14th, 2012
  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must fill out form below
  • 17 winners will be chosen! 15 singed books marks, 1 signed copy of Sweet Evil, 1 ARC of Sweet Evil
  • Winners must have voted for Kaidan in Round 1 (This will be hard to verify but please be honest, we really want Kaidan to win)
Totally fantastic right?!?! I think so!!! And the best news, its INTERNATIONAL!!! Kaidan’s love knows no bounds! Again, we really want Kaidan to do well in this tournament and this is all in good fun, we are requiring the winners to actually VOTE for Kaidan on July 13, I know this will be hard to verify, but please be honest with us when we ask.  
If Kaidan wins the first round this is what we get from Wendy:
She will write a scene from Kaidan’s POV!! Which will be posted here and on her blog! I know you all want to read about that!! I sure do!!! Seriously! It’s so fantastical!!

Remember everyone this is all in good fun!! Lets tell the world about Kaidan!! Spread his bad influence all over!

All right everyone! Keep in touch and remember, TEAM KAIDAN FTW!!!!!

And a special treat from Kaidan!

UPDATE 6/30/12
I made another Team Kaidan header to be used!!! Please use the buttons for avies and headers on FB or blog post or just all around!!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO yummie to look at!!!

Hey all your Kaidan lovers!!!! This is where I will try to keep everyone posted on updates and where you can find all the hashtages and buttons you need to help Kaidan win in the YA Crush Tourney 2.0!!!! Leave a comment here when anything you want added!!!! This is going to be great!!!
Here is a quick #TeamKaidan button I made, if you have others please let me know! I would love to post them!!! Also start gathering your data!!! Anything you want people to know about Kaidan, reasons we love him, quotes that make us so WOWZA!! Email me, tweet me, FB me!! Get the word out!!! This will be AMAZING!!!
Original Team Kaidan Rowe Button

Smaller version
Use the form below if you would like to help me out!! We need to spread the evil.. I mean love of Kaidan!!!! Wouldn't want to disappoint papa Duke!!!

Current Twitter Hashtags:

First post just an intro!!


So the embargo has finally been lifted for the advocates of the 2nd YA Crush Tournament!! And the great news is that I AM AN ADVOCATE!!!! AHHHHH I'm so excited!! This is my first time as an advocate and I couldn't be happier!!!

Sooooo whoooooooo does the Tater get to represent!?!?!?!


I'm so sinfully happy to be able to be a part of this!
More news and an official post will come. The tournament starts July 6th and we are up against Finnick (I KNOW! A tough one) in the first round so get prepared for a fight!!! Now I still will have more stuff to come, but anyone that wants to help me out just shoot me a tweet or email!!! Again, more info to come but for now, know this will be your one stop Kaidan shop!!! mmm! RAWR!!!!

Match 7: Finnick (12) vs. Kaidan (21): Starting FRIDAY JULY 13!!! Voting for our bracket will begin!! Voting runs from 12 AM to 12 AM EST!!!

I will update more with official twitter handles and everything you will need to fight for Kaidian!!!

I'm excited and I hope everyone else is!!!


  1. Have not read it yet but now I HAVE to!

  2. ummmm the pinkie moment is of course my favorite =]

  3. I so want to read this book!!!

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  5. THE "what kind of deodorant do you wear" scene.

  6. Ommmggggiigooossh!
    I absolutely love Kaidan!
    Already voted!


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